Thursday, August 17, 2017

Addressed To Kill by Jean Flowers

Over the weekend I finished Jean Flowers Addressed to Kill, the third book in her Postmistress Series. I have now read all three books and I think this is one of the coolest series in the cozy world. Maybe it is because I identify with the author's main character and her love of the mail. As far back as I can remember getting something in the mail was such a treat. My grandfather used to write and send stories to us and my mom would read them out to us until we were old enough to read them ourselves. Postcards from their trips, holiday and birthday cards had us cheering for the postman. When I was old enough pen pals had me hanging out by our mail box and even now, it is one of the most fun parts of the day. I still love my snail mail and I feel it is such an important way to connect even now in the age of impersonal emails and more efficient means of communication.  In Addressed to Kill main character Postmistress Cassie helps to figure out who is behind the murder of a local math professor. Cassie is naturally curious, and very much inserts herself in the investigation, with a little nudging from her customers and her best friend and police chief Sunni. There is so much to love about this series and it is my hope that it will continue.
This book is out now and a series you should own!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Witchy Wednesday Spotlight On The Magickal Family by Monica Crosson

One of the best parts of being a blogger and reader is the ability to find and read books that call to me. I am very pleased to be involved with Netgalley as a professional reader. One of the perks of being a member of Netgalley is that I can chose the books that call to me in hopes that I will be approved to read them. The Magickal Family by Monica Crosson, was a book that called to me. I loved the cover but I also love the family approach to learning and living a Pagan life. I did a happy dance when I got the email that I was approved to read it and on Sunday I sat down "familiar" Squirrel the cat and settled in for a wonderful afternoon read.
The Magickal Family had me hooked from page one. I laughed, almost cried and tried to soak in every detail and practical suggestion in this book that really is a guide to incorporating simple things into your family's daily life to enhance it. There were special recommendations as and advice on everything from walking in nature, to setting up a fairy garden, recipes and the who, how and why of Pagan living. I was about three pages in when I knew this was a book I was going to have to own and hold in my hands. A book I could count on as a reference, and a guide that would remind of the simple things in life and the important things too. Not to mention some great tea recipes and gardening ideas! This was most definitely a Magickal book!  This one is out October 8th and I can not wait to have it in my hands and on my shelf.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Panicked Premonition by Victoria Laurie

Saturday I started and finished A Panicked Premonition by Victoria Laurie. This is the 15th book in the series and I am truly amazed by her ability to write books I simply can not put down. She has a wonderful way of writing not only characters but intense scenes that are so easy to picture that you feel so involved in the story. While these are paranormal cozy mystery books they also have an element of suspense that you do not often find in cozies. I know these would make amazing movies as the words are so vibrant on the page they seem to jump out at you and play like a movie in my head. This story was about panic rooms, but it was also about relationships, goals, leaving your comfort zone, taking chances and having an enormous amount of faith. One of the best series out there, long running and after the first book you will see why.  This book is out now and is a book and series I can highly recommend.

Professional psychic and FBI consultant Abby Cooper has used her inner visions to get her out of many a scrape—and solve many a crime—but she’s about to face a murder scene that will put all her powers to the test. Abby’s husband Dutch has a side business providing security and building panic rooms for wealthy clients. One morning, one of Dutch’s partners, Dave, goes missing on his way to meet a client. Abby’s intuition tells her something terrible has happened to him.Then two of Dutch’s clients are found brutally murdered...inside their brand new panic room, and most of the evidence points to Dave as the killer.  With the authorities racing to find and arrest him, Abby's got to use all her intuitive prowess to get to Dave first, discover the real killer, and save her husband's business. This is one case where Abby is positive there’s far more to this mystery than meets her inner eye…

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Three Amigos Summer Reading Club Week 9 Summer Food!

Week 9 here at the Three Amigos Summer Reading Club and this weeks theme is Summer Food Cozy Mysteries, my selection is...
Susan Furlong's Rest in Peach, This is a series I so enjoyed and nothing says summer food to me more than Peaches! (okay well burgers too, but that sweet soft warm ripe peach is a summer tradition!) This book was about summer, about the south about fun and family and coming together. I love this series and the recipes too, I think I need to go make some Peach Cobbler...

Let's see what my Amigos have selected for you...

Click here for Lisa's Selection.

We would all love to hear what you think about our picks so please leave us a comment below each of our blog posts!
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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Chime and Punishment by Julianne Holmes

Thursday I read Julianne Holmes second book in the Clock Shop Mystery series called Chime and Punishment. I did not read book one and yet I felt like I could follow along and understand the story line very well. Main character Ruth is likeable and admirable, running her family clock shop, which has been around for more than 100 years. She is dedicated and enthusiastic about her work and her small town. Getting the clock tower up and running is as much about bringing the community together as it is the focus of the book. I loved the characters, even the ill fated Town Manager who I too was not sad when she turns up dead. I was guessing for quite a few chapters about who the killer was and I did figure it out before the big reveal but I did not put all the pieces together with out the help of the author. I really enjoyed this, I was not sure I would as the subject matter may not have appealed to me right away. I love the cover and the whole story. This was a very pleasant surprise for me. This one is already out and ready for your to enjoy!
 Expert clockmaker Ruth Clagan has another murder on her hands in the third Clock Shop Mystery from the author of Clock and Dagger.
 Years ago, the serenity of picturesque Orchard, Massachusetts, was shattered by a fire that destroyed the town's beloved clock tower. Ruth inherited the dream of repairing it from her late grandfather. Now that she’s returned home to run his clock shop, the Cog & Sprocket, she’s determined to make it happen, despite wrenches that are being thrown into the works by her least favorite person, town manager Kim Gray.A crowd of residents and visitors are excited to see the progress of the tower at a fund-raiser for the campaign, until Kim is found crushed under the tower’s bell, putting an end to all the fun. The list of suspects is so long it could be read around the clock, and it includes some of Ruth’s nearest and dearest.

Time's a-wastin’ as Ruth tries to solve another murder in her beloved Orchard while keeping the gears clicking on her dream project.

I enjoyed this book and if you would like to read it too you can find it on Amazon by clicking here.
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Saturday, August 12, 2017

On My Table and In My Cup August 5th -12th

On my table this week I have had so may wonderful things, while I have largely been sleeping on the couch and not awake more than 4 hours a day, I have been truly spoiled. I am starting to feel better, more like myself but with an exhaustion I never imagined possible and I have been tired for 16+ years. I honestly don't remember sleeping this much ever.  I am slowly getting back to what I love and enjoy.
My sister her family and my father have been traveling in the UK for the last few weeks, my father returned earlier this week with a care package from my sister filled with some lovely delights from Fortnum and Mason. Jams, Lemon curd and the most wonderful Cranberry Black Tea which I fell in love with when my mother in law brought me a tin a few years back.

My dad brought me back some Westminster tea, matching tea towel, magnet and a lovely bookmark that says Owen on it from Westminster Abby, I also got a magnet from Paris as well. Like I said spoiled.
I read a few books this week, not much else I have been up to, I enjoyed A Witchy Business by D.S. Butler, a cozy I downloaded free from Amazon. It was a lovely read and distraction.
I read through Crystal Paine's Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, a book I bought on Amazon when I was in the hospital. This one has some great tips on organization and prioritization. Some of the suggestions are things I already do so it was more of a affirmation for me, it does however have more religious based tips than I would normally choose to read.
I have started a new Wednesday feature called Witchy Wednesday. In my research and curiosity about witches and witchcraft I have the opportunity to read and review books that pertain to a passion of mine. I hope to someday write a series about witches that are true to their nature and share what I love most about it. Growing up I loved Bewitched, Mary Poppins and as I grew, professor Minerva McGonagall from Harry Potter. These qualities of witches I hope will form a great series that is playing in my head and hope to oneday get published for all to read.  Hedge Witch Book Of Days is a great read and one that I am thrilled to have found at Powell's Books. In answer to a question I often get asked, yes I do buy my own books, while I am lucky to review many as ARC, I do still buy and read books of my own choosing.

I feel very lucky when I get selected to read ARC of series I have fallen in love with. Ellen Byron has a great Cajun Country Mystery series with characters you will come to think of as family.  Reading about Christmas in August was a lovely escape for me, my only regret is I have to wait that much longer for her next book!  This one I enjoyed and delighted in.
I will have my review of Julianne Holmes  book Chime and Punishment for you tomorrow. Spoiler alert I could not put it down. More on that tomorrow.
 I have just started Victoria Laurie's 15th Book in the Psychic Eye series, this book is out now as I am behind in my reviews and a series I have enjoyed for years.
 In my cup this week I have been enjoying the Fortnum and Mason Cranberry Black tea,
Stash Mellow Moments Tea, really enjoying this one.
As well as my old standby my favorite Murchie's Vanilla Black tea.
The winner of our Granny Hooks A Crook book by Julie Seedorf was Laurie Iglesias. Thank you to all who entered.

Oh and I almost forgot! I made a Friday Spotlight Video click here for a link to the video on my channel. 
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Friday, August 11, 2017

Fancy Friday Things That Make You Feel Better...

I can honestly say I have never been so sick in my life, I am starting to feel better and have a few weeks ahead of me to recover from a very aggressive pneumonia. I have had the wonderful fortune of good friends and my family to see me through. Today's post is inspired by some wonderful pick me up and make me feel better items that make me smile. I am starting to feel more like myself and thank you all for your well wishes.
First up is this Get Well Spoon! I love this listing from EveofJoy Etsy shop, this is a silver spoon and would make any collectors day. You can view it by clicking here.

Make It Snappy Etsy shop has some lovely sets for those who have to travel when they are not well, these matching tea wallets and tissue holders are adorable and very handy! Click here to view this listing and check out their shop for some really lovely sets. 

Although there is no saucer this sweet teacup caught my eye! Offered by the Simple Syrup Shop this cup would make me smile for sure!

This week I have felt very blessed with the well wishes, meals, jams, teas, flowers and prayers. I hope to be back to my normal energy very soon. Thank you for joining me here for a cup of tea and a few Fancy Friday Finds for the tea lover. I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at