Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Final Check Out by Cee Cee James

Saturday I read Final Check Out by Cee Cee James,  Book three in the Ocean Side Mystery Series . This was an intriguing read, the murder happening at an amusement park and main character Maisie stuck right in the middle like cotton candy to your teeth and your hair! I really enjoyed reading this one and picturing the way the amusement park was laid out, and learning more about Maisie and her friends. This is a fast and light cozy that is well balanced and fun.

When Maisie takes a day off from the hotel business to visit a popular amusement park, the last thing she wants is to trip over a dead body in the Maze of Mirrors. The only witness to the murder is a park employee dressed in a princess costume.Things take a turn as Maisie watches the princess run off and nobody seems to know who she is. And the Federal Marshal who was first on the scene has disappeared, too. As Maisie follows the twists and turns of this not-so-funhouse, she hits one dead end after another—until she discovers that the person she should have been chasing has really been chasing her all along

This one is out now and you can find it on Amazon by clicking here.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Three Amigos Summer Reading Club Week 6

Welcome back to our Three Amigos Summer Reading Club and my pick for this our 6th week and a theme I am so passionate about, Lighthouses.
This was me last year in the top of the Cape Mears Lighthouse, such a treat and a dream come true!
This is the outside I was actually right there in the light part!
But on to my selection and there are so many to choose from. 
My selection this week is Ellery Adams and her Books by the bay series. READ THE SERIES. 
I most recently read Killer Characters which is book 8 so if you have not yet read this series start with book one (A Killer Plot ) you will be glad you did!

You can order it with free worldwide shipping from The Book Depository by clicking here.

Now it is time to see what my Amigos have picked for you...

Click here to see what Lisa has chosen for you this week...

We would all love to hear from you so please leave us comments on our blogs and let us know what you think of our choices and give us some of your own selections!
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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Wrong Side of the Paw by Laurie Cass...

I finished Wrong Side of The Paw by Laurie Cass Friday at swim lessons for my boys and oh boy did I ever enjoy this one. Laurie Cass has created such a wonderful series around a tiny librarian who drives a book mobile in a tiny tourist town, with a great kitty sidekick. If ever there was to be a Librarian Superhero, the image I get is that of main character Minnie Hamilton.  I have read this entire series and feel like I have gotten to know Minnie like a close friend even a cousin after all this time and in this book I felt like screaming "Yes! Finally!" but you will have to read it to find out why.  This is an enjoyable series with some unique situations and it will truly give you that cozy feeling, new respect for  unsung Librarian Superheroes everywhere and a desire to pick up and move to a houseboat just to join in the fun.  Some fun mysteries and even better sleuthing from the naturally curious and clever Librarian extraordinaire!
As the bookmobile rolls along the hills of Chilson, Michigan, Minnie and Eddie spread good cheer and good reads. But when her faithful feline finds his way into the middle of a murder, Minnie is there, like any good librarian, to check it out. Eddie turns a routine bookmobile stop into anything but when he makes a quick escape and hops into a pickup truck…with a dead body in the flatbed. The friendly local lawyer who was driving the pickup falls under suspicion. But Minnie and Eddie think there's more to this case than meets the eye, and the dynamic duo sets out to leave no page unturned.

This one is out July 25th and can be ordered by clicking here from Amazon.
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Saturday, July 22, 2017

On My Table and In My Cup July 15th -22nd

Well I can honestly say this was a crazy fast week, only getting home on Monday I am very much behind! I did manage to get a bit of reading done this week, and just started Final Check out by CeeCee James. 
It was so much fun to have this book early and to escape to. If you have not yet read this series it is one of the best, I love the idea of a historical based, royal family, spy mystery series and I know you would too if you happened upon it! Book one made me so very happy! I have devoured each book since!
Two British Cozies for me this week
Death Plays a Part was a lovely way to kick of my vacation weekend.  This is a first in series that is out now.
I just finished reading Wrong Side of the Paw and will share my review with you tomorrow. 
I have brought some fun tea back and have been enjoying it all week. It was fun to be at the Stash Store. 
Below is my Friday Spotlight on a series from a few years ago, the Magical Dress Making Series by Melissa Bourbon. I am still working out how to do these videos and I am thankful for those of you who humor me and watch them!

Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a cozy mystery week in review. I look forward to sharing more reviews with you tomorrow.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Fancy Friday Finds- Inspired by my trip to Oregon...

Fancy Friday Etsy Finds Today are inspirations from items and places I saw on my trip to Oregon last weekend. Powell's Bookstore (largest and most spectacular book store I have ever been in!), The Saturday Market, tea shops and fantastic food!

First up, I know there is great debate about book plates and how they take away from the value of books, however growing up I wanted these things when they were offered at a bookfair and never had the money for them and I remember my mother always eyeing the pretty ones for her expansive collection, I just liked how these caught my eye and that you get 12 and that they are tea themed. Offered by Pear Creek Cottage this $11 listing is on my wish list for sure. Click here for shop and listing.

Portland to me is such an inspirational place, filled with great food, great people, great tea shops and these fun stickers that say "Keep Portland Weird" The colors in the tea towel I found that I would absolutely love from Gifts by Gita remind me of my trip into the Stash Tea store and the saying is one I can attest to! Click here for shop and listing. Pretty sure this one is going on my Christmas list!

 Saving the best for last here, I found the Sirens Bath Bomb Etsy shop at the Portland Market and I am wishing I filled the car, I bought 5 of there amazing bath bombs and have only one left. They had a lemon lavender one that was so amazing I wished I had bought a dozen and one called Monkey Farts that was outstanding (think Banana and Raspberry) If you are in the Portland area check them out, if not you can find them on Etsy

Spend a bit of time in their shop and you will see why I am so excited about their bath bombs! Click here for their Etsy Shop. 

I had such a lovely weekend away it is hard to believe that I have already been home for days. Thank you for joining me for this week's Fancy Friday Finds.
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Thursday, July 20, 2017

5 New Teas I found on my trip...

I was in Washington and Oregon over the weekend and I picked up 5 new to me teas. In Washington at the Cup and Kettle located at 819 Front Street Leavenworth Washington I picked up two lovely new teas, the first I have almost gone through the whole 2 ounces and that was the Cranberry Cream, tea, I am thrilled to know that this shop will ship as this is one I should have bought way more of!

You can call them at (509) 548-8327 to find out more but do if you live within driving distance stop in for sure. The second tea I picked up there was the Princess Grey which is a very floral Earl Grey that I loved the scent of.

I was thrilled on this latest trip to make it into the Stash Tea store on Mississippi. The store was beautiful and more than I had expected. I love their loose leaf tea line and picked up three new to me blends. I first selected The Portland Pride Blend. Love the new packaging and even though I don't normally like a white tea this one had a lovely scent and is a quite floral scented tea, I think it will be lovely chilled. I loved the Macaroon I got in store as well, it was the size of a hamberger...

I also picked up the Double Grey Portland Fog, though the temps were in the 90's when I was there it was hard to imagine Portland ever getting bad weather, it was the name first that caught my eye and the double dose of bergamot that sealed the deal. Thrilled to have picked this tea up which is perfect for the afternoon and to look forward to for the fall.

Their Mellow Moments Tea I also picked up in store, I have not seen this one in store locally and the name called to me. I am looking forward enjoying this one in the early evening. I feel so lucky to have been able to indulge in these shops this weekend. If you find yourself close to either of these stores do try to make it in! You won't be sorry!
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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Rhys Bowen's On Her Majesty's Frightfully Secret Service

Tuesday morning I finished reading Rhys Bowen's On Her Majesty's Frightfully Secret Service and as usual with books in this Royal Spyness Mystery Series I did not wish to put it down. Each time I was forced by reality to put it down I was most eager to get back to Dacy and Lady Georgiana Rannoch! You will have to wait a little longer as I feel so honored to have had this book on my table and to read before the August 1st Publication. We are now 11 books in on this A Royal Spyness Mystery and they get even more exciting with each new book. I am in awe of how Rhys Bowen captures not only the Era but the true character of what  one assumes the sullied Mrs. Wallis was truly like. The cover is as usual perfect and accurately reflects that the picture painted by Rhys Bowen's words of the impossibility of  life for the 35th in line for the throne. In an absolutely brilliant way she ties up an impossible situation with grace, style and fantastically written characters. One of the best series and one of the best books she has written. I highly recommend this book and series!

 When Darcy runs off on another secret assignment, I am left to figure out how to travel to Italy sans maid and chaperone to help my dear friend Belinda, as she awaits the birth of her baby alone. An opportunity presents itself in a most unexpected way—my cousin the queen is in need of a spy to attend a house party in the Italian lake country. The Prince of Wales and the dreadful Mrs. Simpson have been invited, and Her Majesty is anxious to thwart a possible secret wedding.  
What luck! A chance to see Belinda and please the queen as I seek her permission to relinquish my claim to the throne so I can marry Darcy. Only that’s as far as my good fortune takes me. I soon discover that Mummy is attending the villa party and she has her own secret task for me. Then, Darcy shows up and tells me that the fate of a world on the brink of war could very well depend on what I overhear at dinner! I shouldn’t be all that surprised when one of my fellow guests is murdered and my Italian holiday becomes a nightmare...

You can find Rhys Bowen's On Her Majesty's Frightfully Secret Service on Amazon by clicking here.

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