Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Judy Hall's Crystal Mindfulness A Review

Today I am going to share a review of a non cozy book with you. Ever since I can remember, I have loved rocks, picked them up and filled my pockets and purse with them. It may seem odd to some but maybe not to others. Bottom line having a rock with me helps me feel grounded. Some call it crazy, others self-regulation, for me it is just something I have always done. I was immediately drawn to the book called Crystal Mindfulness by Judy Hall. I love Purple and lets face it the cover speaks to me! So much so that I ordered the one shown above for a friend for her birthday last month.
"Are you looking for a better way to practice mindfulness? Crystals can help in so many ways. They have been around for millions of years and in their terms the passing of decades is merely the blink of an eye, so they offer new ways of perceiving your life. Gazing into the depths of a crystal offers you instant clarity and stillness of mind. Providing a point of soft focus, crystals help you to stay attentively in the present moment without judging it or needing it to change. The unique qualities of each crystal assist in switching off your mind's chatter. Crystals can ease your anxieties, dispel your anger, show you how to forgive and let the past be, and so much more. They can help you make a decisive move (when that's appropriate). They connect you to yourself at a very deep level. The introduction covers what mindfulness is, how it works, what the benefits are for you and how crystals can help you practise it. Part 1 looks at specific topics that are relevant to your mindfulness practise, such as staying grounded, becoming centred, shutting off the chattering mind and accepting yourself.Part 2 is a comprehensive crystal mindfulness directory featuring 24 beautifully photographed crystals. Each description of the crystal and its benefits to mindfulness is accompanied by an exercise for a specific purpose, as well as other features such as keywords and a Crystal Reflection to use for instant access to inner calm. Flick through the pages until a picture catches your eye and work with the crystal as suggested, or target your crystal mindfulness practise more specifically using the book's headings. Then tune into the crystal you need and the magic will happen."
When reading this book there is so many wonderful lessons to take away and incorporate in your daily life. This book may not be for everyone but anyone picking up this book would be able to take away and incorporate its message in their own lives in their own way. The photos are stunning and if you are a rock or crystal person this is a great resource book as well as a guide to "Mindfulness" I enjoyed this book so much that I bought it from the book depository as a gift for a like minded friend. I enjoy discovering new books and reviewing them. I am always thrilled when I find a book I review and know I have to have a copy of my own even better when I find a book I just love and order it for a friend so we can share the enjoyment! Judy Hall's Crystal Mindfulness is avalible now and you can order it from The Book Depository (with free shipping) like I did by clicking here.
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Monday, December 5, 2016

Snow At Sea Level....

Snow at Sea Level, sounds like a great book right, let me write it and I will share it with you. Early morning snow where I live that is actually sticking to the ground is rare here in Vancouver. While I live in Canada I live in the part that usually is free of the white stuff, cold and chaos that comes with it. But this morning in the early morning hours children everywhere here are waking up to what we think is a dusting of snow and to them a blizzard.
This is the front yard of our current home at 6 am, I have two cats and an almost 9 year old with his nose pressed to the window imagining the snowman he plans on building. Sad truth is that most of this will be gone by dinner time. So my thoughts turn to up coming releases, as I do not currently have a cozy on the go to read, here are three I am looking forward to reading and thought I would share with you!
I woke up to find that Laura Bradford has a new book series coming out in February with Kensington Books and I am thrilled and anxiously awaiting the release of Death in Advertising  or if I am really lucky advanced reading copy!
The next Kensington release I am looking at comes out in December, Custom Baked Murder looks great too! The cover is outstanding! I don't know Liz Mugavero but this one is one I am looking forward to reading!
Vicki Delany has a March release I am looking forward to as well, Elementary, She Read is going to be put out by Crooked Lane Books! 

We are in a sea of snow and boxes today, having the boys help pack their rooms has been a great challenge, now to have the snow let up so we can drop some boxes at the new place later today.
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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Spiced and Iced by Jenny Kales

This is how I spent my rainy Saturday night, curled up on the couch with a great book, a large cup of tea and far too many snowball shortbread cookies! I finished Spiced and Iced by Jenny Kales, the second in her Callie's Kitchen Mystery Series. This book is out on Amazon December 5th!  I so enjoyed this mystery! Holiday themed, exciting small town murder and a twist of romance. Perfect for a holiday evening in and I would love to see this on the small screen! Main character Callie is a strong willed, single mom who has a knack for cooking and baking with a Greek flair and some amazing sleuthing skills too. A quirky family and a bit of bad news don't slow her down. Callie is definatly someone who keeps getting knocked down but always gets up on her own two feet. I did not have it figured out until the reveal and I never saw it coming. Lots of fun in this mystery too. I particularly enjoyed a new character in the book as well, but wont spoil it for you! The food mentions and the recipes included had my attention for sure, I can not wait to make each of them. I may have already made one though, shameful plug there is a recipe of mine at the end of this book too!

To learn more about author Jenny Kales please click here.
To order your own copy of Spiced and Iced from Amazon please click here.
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Saturday, December 3, 2016

On My Table And In My Cup November 26th to December 3rd

December has arrived with the busy anticipation of the holidays and move. This is such a busy time of year and we often get caught up in what we should be doing, in the expectation, the anticipation and the hype. I have been trying to savor a few moments peace, take the time back from a season that seems to devour it. In my own busy and crazy life I am guilty of not doing this enough, being prone to worry and over planing and over expecting, so even these pauses are hard for me. Actually when I think about it, it is why I started taking photos of my morning tea, to force myself to slow down and capture the moment. A work in progress is what all of this is.
I came across this quote again earlier this week and it is one that really speaks to me, okay it yells to me. I am lucky in my life to have people placed here to remind me of exactly this. Take it as it comes, breathe, one step at a time and start where you are.  Life is extremely overwhelming and I am not the only one who feels this way. This is high functioning anxiety.
There is so many amazing things that cross my mind, my table and my heart and this week I was constantly reminded of the wonderful friends in my life who bring me joy. For that I am truly grateful....and there are books too!
I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing one of my most favorite authors newest up coming release. Lorraine Bartlett (with Laurie Cass) has a great mystery for you with Dead, Bath and Beyond. I really think you will love it.
Also on my table this week and a book I am currently reading Spiced and Iced by Jenny Kales! This is book two and the cover is fantastic. Shameless plug here one of my recipes is featured in this book! Such an honor to have been included! I can not wait to share my review with you all soon.
You may have noticed the tiny elfin sweat shop that became of my table earlier this week. I had so much fun making these and even found the perfect little Mickey Mouse Buttons to put on them for my nieces and nephews who are spending Christmas in Disney this year.

 I mailed them off to my Montreal crew yesterday and handed my other sister hers. When my oldest niece arrives on Christmas Day I will give her hers too. I hope they have a blast!
I also finished reading The Ghosts of Misty Hollow this week and it was a great paranormal cozy! Lots of warm and fuzzy feelings in this one. Perfect holiday read!
I am still very much enjoying the cookies  from my cookie exchange last Saturday night, in my cup this week I have had an all Murchies black tea week,  with my Vanilla Black tea, their lovely Lavender Black Tea and their Christmas Morning Blend. Having Murchies so close is a blessing and I did a drive by of my new neighborhood this week and noticed that there is a Murchies not far at all from my new place, walking distance actually. I am so excited! Saturday starts with hockey in this house and hopefully Sunday taking the boys and showing them the new place. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you take a moment to breathe and start where you are.
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Friday, December 2, 2016

Dead, Bath, and Beyond by Lorraine Bartlett

I love the cover of Lorraine Bartlett's new book Dead, Bath and Beyond. This is the December 6th upcoming release of the latest Victorian Square Mystery, book number 4. I very much enjoyed this story and I think you will too! Katie Bonner, main character is very likable and admirable. One of the things I like about this series and story is how Katie really has started her life over, found some solid footing after fate had dealt her a terrible hand and even gets a moment of revenge! Unfortunately shortly after that small victory an untimely death throws another mystery in her lap, one that could have the most dire of consequences!  I enjoyed the way this story was written and researched, I found I was caught up in the circumstances of the big reveal and relieved that Katie was safe, with a good cozy feel good ending not to miss.
Katie Bonner—owner of Artisans Alley in the quaint shopping district of Victoria Square—feels like nothing can spoil her perfect day off, sailing Lake Ontario with her good friend and lawyer Seth Landers. Then she runs into her ex-boss Jake on the dock. It was never smooth sailing with Josh, and Katie is only too happy to get away from him as he makes a scene. Unfortunately, the next day her unpleasant former employer is found drowned in a bathtub at a bed-and-breakfast in Victoria Square. Who would pull the plug on Josh? When an autopsy reveals lake water—not bath water—in his lungs, Katie quickly finds herself in over her head. She’ll need to race to find the killer before her business and her freedom both go down the drain…

To order your own copy of Dead, Bath, and Beyond from Amazon please click here.
Learn more about Lorraine Bartlett and all her wonderful series by clicking here.
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Thursday, December 1, 2016

December 1st and A Give Away I Hope You Will Love!

It is December and a time for giving, the wonderful people who let me read E.J. Copperman's Spouse On Haunted Hill Early, have a gift for one of you lovely readers in the USA! 

I absolutely love this series, it is one of my most favorite and I only recently discovered it! Perfect time to catch up on this series and share with someone you love!

Alison’s shady ex needs to use her haunted guesthouse as a hideout in the latest from the national bestselling author of Ghost in the Wind.Where Alison Kerby’s ex-husband goes, trouble follows. This time, unfortunately, he’s brought that trouble right to her doorstep. On the run from a business deal gone bad, Steven, aka “the Swine,” owes some scary people a staggering sum of money. No need to panic, though. He has a plan: Sell Alison’s Jersey Shore guesthouse to pay them off. Before Alison has a chance to read Steven the riot act, he disappears—after a mysterious man trailing him ends up full of bullet holes. Now the police are next to darken her doorway. For all his faults, Steven is still the father of Alison’s daughter, so with the help of ghosts Maxie and Paul, Alison sets out to find her ex and clear him of the murder. But if the bad guys get to him first, he may not have a ghost of a chance...

For your chance to win a copy of E.J. Copperman's book Spouse on Haunted Hill please email me at karenmowen@gmail.com with SPOUSE in the subject line as well as your USA mailing address. Contest is open between now December 1st, 2016-December 7th 2016. Your chances of wining depend on number of entries received. Please only one entry per person. 
December is going to be a very busy month for us. It is my hope that later today or over the weekend I will get keys to our new home, that means lots of daily trips to the new place, packing, cleaning and adjusting. Hoping to have some time to read, write and share. I am so thankful to have you along for the journey. As with all my posts I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at karenmowen@gmail.com

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Three Holiday Booked Themed Delights!

I got an email from Amazon that the book ornament I loved is on sale! I love this as my mother in law started me on these type of ornaments 15 years ago, I may have to order this one for myself.
Click here to see this one for yourself.
I also loved this fun one from Etsy, I wish I had a book club! Click here for this listing on Etsy. 

Not an ornament but something I love is this Book Stocking I found on Etsy by Brightspotdecor. Click here for shop and this listing! I would love a wall of these! 
Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a cozy holiday themed post. I promise to get more reading in today back with more reviews for you very soon!
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