Saturday, October 1, 2016

On My Table and In My Cup September 24th- October 1st

Welcome to October from my table to yours....
October 1st how does that happen so quickly I swear it was just July 2 minutes ago. Today is the release day of Andi Cumbo-Floyd's book Discover Your Writing Self. The reason I share this today is this summer I took Andi's course and felt it was tremendously helpful. I learned so much about myself and writing this summer. Andi had me looking at things I never considered and I felt that I grew personally and improved as a writer while taking the course. I am very pleased there is now a book out so that not only can I review the exercises but so that I can recommend it to anyone who ever wanted to learn about writing. Click here to learn more.
Thursday felt like Christmas with the unexpected and wonderfully exciting arrival of Vicki Vass' book Key to a Murder, this is an Antique Hunter's Mystery and one of my favorite series! I am so thrilled to have it on my table and to review soon! Best part is you can read along with me as this book is already out and you can order it on Amazon by clicking here.
Wednesday Carrie Doyle's book Death on Windmill Way arrived, I have yet to read this book but love the look and feel of it!
Great covers and a fun series Laura Child's book with Terrie Farley Moran also arrived earlier this week much to my surprise and delight as well. I am currently reading this October 4th release now and will share my review with you all very soon.
Magical cats seemed to be a theme this week with Sofie Kelly's book Paws and Effect on my table along with Kathi Daley's Count Catula!
Both cozy series have very intuitive cats and brilliantly written mysteries with characters and cozy settings that can not be beat!
Also I invite you to save the date as Kathi Daley Books is hosting a Halloween Spooktacular Event October 23-31st. I am very pleased to be taking part and hosting a Witches Tea on Wednesday October 26th along with some fun giveaways and visits from a few author friends I hope you will come and join us on Facebook for the day and the entire event! Join in by clicking here.
We also had some lovely visitors to British Columbia where I live this week, I had my own tea party to celebrate The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children stopping by.
Congrats to Robin Coxon winner of the Denise Swanson book Murder of a Cranky Catnapper giveaway.
I feel so very blessed to have you all join me for this week in review and I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!
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Friday, September 30, 2016

The Witch and The Dead by Heather Blake

Sunday afternoon I finished The Witch and The Dead by Heather Blake. I have loved this series since book one and this the seventh book in the Wishcraft Mystery series did not disappoint. Have you ever experienced the sensation of being so completely engrossed in a story that when you are interrupted by someone that it takes you more then a minute to "come too"? I was interrupted during the last few chapters and I honestly could not shake myself back to reality. This book was just too good, to all consuming and over far to soon....hanging on every word right to the last one, I put the book down in a total trance. I did not want my time in the Enchanted Village to be over so soon...291 pages of a incredible story that not only took me away but blew me away too! Great mysteries all twisted and intertwined in the way only Heather Blake could write. The perfect balance of witchcraft, romance, family and mystery. I can not say enough about this series or this latest book.
Out October 4th this was such a pleasure to have on my table and now in my heart. Even though I received this book in advance to review,  I ordered a copy from The Book Depository many months ago, so it is a great privilege to have gotten this book early and now have a copy I can gift to my library.

When Darcy moved to Salem, Massachusetts, she never expected her life to change as drastically as it did. But within a short time, the Enchanted Village has become her home, its mystical residents have become her family, and As You Wish, the personal concierge business formerly run by her Aunt Ve, has become her calling. Still, the time has come for change—and for Darcy to move out of Aunt Ve’s house. Darcy’s belongings are stashed in Aunt Ve’s garage, alongside a mess of memories, forgotten possessions, and, to both Ve and Darcy’s horror, a pile of old bones. It turns out they belong to Ve’s long missing second husband. Now Darcy must unpack old secrets to solve a cold case—and make sure her aunt isn’t looking at a spell behind bars.

To order your own copy of The Witch and the Dead with Free Shipping From The Book Depository please click here.
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Learn more about the wonderful works of Heather Blake by clicking here.
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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Count Catula, A Perfect Magical Cat, Halloween Mystery Cozy by Kathi Daley

Monday night I finished Kathi Daley's Count Catula, what a wonderful addition to the Whales and Tails Mystery series. I can always count on Kathi to produce a wonderful fun and perplexing mystery. Count Catula holds the readers attention for sure with a very good Halloween themed mystery with a macabre twist. I truly enjoy the on going and developing relationships that continue to evolve in this fun West Coast mystery series, with just a touch of magic this series is one of my favorites and one I can highly recommend.
Cait and the gang set out to find a killer when novelist Amanda Lowman is found dead just an hour after speaking to the Mystery Lovers Book Club about her true crime novel: The Vampire Murders. As Cait delves into Amanda's death she finds a spider web of lies and half truths that could very well be tied to a series of murders that took place fifteen years prior. The deeper Cait digs the more tangled the web and the closer she becomes to being the vampire killers next victim.

Count Catula is out now and a fun read for the Halloween Season! Click here to find the Amazon listing. It is always a delight to have Kathi's books on my table. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do!
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Charming Voodo, A Chance To Win, A Fun Blog Tour and A Cup Of Tea!

I am so excited to be on the Southern Mystery Blog Tour for A Charming Voodoo by the wonderful and talented Tonya Kappes. Tonya has kindly offered one of my lucky readers the chance to win a free audio book from the Magical Cures Mystery Series audio series picked by Tonya Kappes! The Question is at the bottom of today's post! 

In addition to the audio book give away Tonya Kappes has a grand prize for the BIG prize (A KINDLE, Amazon Gift Card, along with A Ghostly Grave and A Ghostly Murder Kindle Novels)

Pop on over to the Facebook Party by clicking here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't forget to enter to win the audio book by answering this question and emailing me your answer! 
In order to enter this contest you must pop over to Tonya's Website and become a member (it is quick and it is free) you can visit it by clicking here
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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Masking For Trouble By Diane Vallere

Last week I read Masking for Trouble by Diane Vallere, this is the second book in her A Costume Shop Mystery series and it was a very fun Halloween Read. I love the idea of a town that goes all out for Halloween, I think I could find myself quite welcome and comfortable there. Costume shop owners daughter/ general manager Margo has her hands full the week before Halloween when a large corporation threatens the daily life of not only her shop at her busiest time of year but also the way of life in Proper City! This was a very enjoyable read and perfect for this time of year!  Masking for Trouble is out October 4th!
Halloween conjures up big business for Margo Tamblyn’s costume shop, Disguise DeLimit, but this year, the holiday comes knocking with serious trouble. Venture capitalist Paul Haverford plans to rezone historic downtown into a glitzy commercial area which would push out local business. Margo is set on saving her family’s store, especially after a nasty run-in with the chain-store tycoon, but after Haverford’s body is discovered during a spooky party at the derelict Alexandria Hotel, Margo finds herself dressed as the police’s prime suspect. Anxious to clear her name, Margo begins hunting down anyone who might have wanted Haverford dead. Between all of his malicious maneuverings, the murdered mogul had buckets of people anxious to see him gone. Now, Margo will have to use every trick in the book to find a cloaked killer—before someone else winds up wearing a death shroud...

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Murder of A Cranky Catnapper By Denise Swanson

Labor day weekend I read Murder of a Cranky Catnapper by Denise Swanson. Today I am happy to tell you that you have a chance to win a copy of your own. If you live in the USA you are welcome to enter to win a copy for yourself. To enter to win simply email me at with CATNAPPER in the subject line before September 30th and I will draw a winner at random from entries received.
With her morning sickness finally abated, Skye Denison-Boyd is ready to pounce on the pertinent problems she faces as Scumble River Elementary School’s psychologist. After trying almost every trick in the book to aid a handful of socially awkward fourth grade boys, Skye opts for the innovative approach of pet therapy with the assistance of the local vet, a Siberian husky, and a Maine coon cat. Unfortunately, the first session only breeds disaster and draws the ire of cantankerous school board member Palmer Lynch. But Skye’s worry over the episode changes to dread after Lynch is found dead in his home with the therapy cat hidden in his garage. With a clowder of questions unleashed, Skye finds herself dealing with a killer who isn’t pussyfooting around…
It is easy to love main character Skye and her take charge attitude with a twist. Who doesn't love a strong character who is also insecure about her weight, marriage and work? In this the 19th book in the series Skye finds herself in a few very uncomfortable situations, giving into pregnancy cravings and as usual helping to save the day. I enjoyed the character of Skye's line of work and the way that Denise wrote the boys in her special group as well as the way Skye discusses education in this book. I truly appreciated the realism and the way that Denise wrote this mystery.
Now it is your chance to enter to win! Be sure to email me your USA mailing address along with CATNAPPER In the subject line for your chance to win your own copy!
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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Joyce Tremel's Tangled Up In Brew

Last Monday I read Tangled Up in A Brew by Jocye Tremel. This was a first for me in the series and I will be honest here, I picked it for the cover and thought "Brew" meant "coffee" and I may not have read it if I knew it was about beer! If I had read what the book was about and the series I may not have picked it up at all. What a happy accident it turned out to be. I am so glad I picked it and read it! While Beer is not my brew of choice, I was delighted with this book and the entire concept. The story revolves around a female brew master and her NHL retired chef boyfriend. Their back stories alone make for an excellent read! Then there was main character "Max's" amazing family. Father who is a police man, brother a priest, then there is a cat named hops.....the back story was fun! The mystery its self was very well done and I found myself very angry at the first victim in the book and not nearly as motivated to help solve the mystery as the main character, I would have been happy to sit back and eat burgers while Max solved the mystery...actually that is exactly what I did. LOL This is a different take on a cozy and I loved the idea, I like strong female characters who have really interesting jobs and this one was delightfully different. 

To order your own copy of this October 4th  release with free shipping from the Book Depository please click here.
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To learn more about this series and Joyce Tremel please click here.