Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Great Book From What I Hope Will Be Another Long Running Series From Krista Davis. Murder She Barked.

I just finished reading Murder She Barked by Krista Davis. I love the "Diva" series and was thrilled when I ordered this book and it arrived last December. I only got around to starting it on the first day of my trip to Las Vegas for a Friend's surprise 40th Birthday Celebration. It was so worth the wait. I flew out of the Bellingham Washington Airport, my flight was at 2:30 in the afternoon and my husband dropped me at the airport at about 10:30 am. We live in Canada and he had to get back to pick up our three boys from school. Did I mind the extra wait time? Not one bit. I caught the end of the Olympic Hockey Game, had a burger, got a tea and sat down to read un interrupted for several hours...that it's self was a vacation!
I arrived in Las Vegas a full night a head of my friend and her party so I got to read in my hotel room and take advantage of the quiet night that the hotel in Las Vegas afforded me. I brought my own tea and wished I had brought my own tea cup and trip.
Murder She Barked's premiss is perfect for a Cozy and a new series I instantly fell in love with. Reading about a resort destination, while on a vacation to a resort destination made the story seem so much more plausible. I did not even bat an eye when I was at the Golden Nugget with my friends for dinner buffet one night and someone came in with their dog, this happens regularly in the book and I found it funny that I was the only one that did not react to the dog joining it's owner at the table for dinner...
I was sad when my surprise trip to Vegas was over and my friends flew home, I again waited in the airport for several hours as a snow storm had hit the west coast and took full advantage of the time to read. My trip may have been done but I still had my book! I was happy to come home and enjoy the last few chapters of my book with tea cup and saucer in hand. Following the ups and downs Holly and her Oma, as well as her dog Trixie and cat Twinkle toes.

I love the idea of a resort where you can take your pets and vacation. Such a wonderful idea and a great beginning to what I am sure is to become one of my favorite cozy series. If you are a pet lover looking for a pet centered cozy with a fun cast of characters pick up Murder She Barked by Krista Davis and start your surprise vacation today.
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  1. The book sounds great! I am a pet person so I am going to have to get this one. And I loved your story about your trip. As always, your photos are amazing and really bring a great new twist to reviewing books and to a blog!

  2. Krista's book sounds like one that I would enjoy very much as well. We are pet people and used to take vacations with our pets which was not an easy task years ago. You have made the book sound so inviting and being a tea drinker and a collector of bone china tea cups and saucers, and tea pots, I love the photos very much. Keep up the great work with the blog too. Sincerely,

  3. Thank you Lisa and Cynthia! You can stop by for tea and a read anytime!

  4. This sounds like a very good one! I am slowly collecting the Diva books first, and when I have read and liked them, I will look to her other series.
    Glad you enjoyed it. I do have a question, how many hours does it take you to read a cozy?

  5. For me reading a Cozy depends, I can usually get it done over three nights but I am dyslexic and sometimes the books take me longer, that and I have three kids which keeps me pretty busy. I only started reading regularly in my late 20's but have now read over 100 cozies!