Sunday, October 12, 2014

Heather Blake's One Potion Get's Two Thumbs Up!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. This has been a very busy weekend for me, hosting my sisters surprise baby shower and then Thanksgiving dinner for my side of the family last night. Tonight I get a real treat of eating at my in laws. My mother in law is an incredible cook.  But in the moments I took for myself I was thrilled to read Heather Blake's second installment in her Magic Potion Mystery series One Potion in The Grave. 
Main character Carly finds herself wrapped up in another mysterious death in her tiny town, with an old friend who returns to her home town, a huge society wedding as well as living in a constant renovation zone, being painstakingly renovated by her 2X ex fiancee, Carly is up to her eyeballs in adventure.
I really enjoyed this story, the events and subplot, the characters both old and new and the relationship repair between Carly and her Cousin Delia. As well as getting to know the Odd Duck's her Aunts, and seeing what everyone has been up to since A Potion to Die For , was an added bonus.
I can not wait to read her next Magic Potion Mystery and am anxiously awaiting Some Like It Witchy from her Wishcraft Mystery Series I also love. 

I highly recommend the Magic Potion Mystery series and all books by Heather Webber /Blake!
You can find out more about her work by clicking here.
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