Sunday, November 2, 2014

Some Enchanted Eclair by Bailey Cates

I recently finished Some Enchanted Eclair by Bailey Cates.  I have read all four of The Magical Bakery Mysteries and  I  enjoyed this latest addition to the series. The Magical Bakery Mystery series is set in Savannah's Historic District a movie and murder comes to town.
Katie  her Aunt and the other members of her Book Club are actually a very small southern coven of witches. Together they help Katie understand her own potential and help her solve the mystery. With out giving away the ending I really am anticipating the next book in this series as the mystery was solved but  there was a bit of a cliff hanger in the end that I simply can not wait to see unfold. This was a great book to read over Halloween Week!
If you are looking for a new series to dive into this one is worth picking up. Four books in and the promise of another fun adventure and mystery awaits those of you who read through the Magical Bakery Mystery Series by Bailey Cates.
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  1. This posting was just so beautiful and serene. I love bone china tea cups myself and just thoroughly enjoyed viewing your site tonight. Thank you.
    Keep up the great work. Wonderful photos and book information.


  2. Thank you Cynthia! I am so thrilled you liked the photos! I hope you will pop back again soon!