Friday, January 27, 2017

Kale to the Queen by Nell Hampton

Yesterday I read Kale to the Queen a new April release by Nell Hampton, I loved it. Growing up my maternal grandfather went out of his way to share his love of the royal family with me. I Have always loved and admired the Royal family, following the ups and the downs and the celebrations. I have watched every wedding and funeral with awe, respect and wonder. So when I learned about this very fictional cozy mystery about the Royal family I was very interested. This is a great cozy. I thought the story was very plausible, even given the circumstances. I loved the mystery but I did have a good idea who the murderer was. The food references were wonderful, and I appreciated the banter and hierarchy of the relationships between all the characters in this book. It felt real to me, having worked in kitchens as a chef, the time lines, the menus along with the bravado of the chefs was familiar and even comforting. I enjoyed this book and I am so looking forward to reading more in this series. If you love BBC, or PBS programming about life of the aristocracy and royal family you are going to love Kale to the Queen.
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  1. Sounds like a great new series. Thx for telling us about it.