Witchy Wednesday Book Reviews

"Gather we Witches, young and old for a cup of tea and a story to be told..."
"People sometimes ask me what made me decide to become a witch, I say I didn't, I just realized I was one" - Lady Moonrayne

Ever since I was a young child I have been enchanted by witches and witchcraft. The lore, the stories the very existence of witches fueled my imagination and childhood in happy ways. The quote I share above really resonated with me.  This August, 2017 I have decided to dedicate Wednesdays on my blog to Witchy Wednesday Book Reviews. Some of the newest, some of the oldest and some of my most favorite books on the subject.  
Resource, history, practical advice and more can be found in these wonderful books.
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Karen and her "familiar" Squirrel

A life long passion...


  1. Dear Heather

    Dear Karen,

    I have signed with a publisher and am getting ready for a September launch of my debut cozy mystery. Digital ARCs will be ready soon. So I was wondering, may I ask you for a review?

    Thank you,

    Jessica Thompson




  2. Oops, sorry. That published before I was ready

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