Thursday, February 20, 2014

Keyhole Bay Take Me Away! Murder Sernds A Postcard by Christy Fifield, A Haunted Souvenir Shop Mystery

Last night I finished Murder Sends a Postcard by Christiy Fifield. This is the third installment of the Haunted Souvenir Shop Mysteries and I was so looking forward to reading it.
I loved getting to know more about the year round residents of Keyhole Bay Florida. I liked the story, I found it was believe able and I liked the twist in the end but I could not figure out for the life of me why the postcards were so important, that aside I would continue reading this series in a heart beat! I love  Glory and her friends recipes are included at the end of each book which I love reading almost as much as the series. I would recommend this series to anyone who is looking for a cozy to transport them to a sunny and warm small town with lots of adventure.
 I am really glad I took a chance on this series last year when I spun that library rack, everyone needs a great series to transport them to somewhere warm and wonderful. I look forward to reading more of Christy Fifield's work and hope a new book in this series is released soon!
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Monday, February 17, 2014

What I Am Reading Now...Murder Sends A Post Card By Christy Fifield.

Last night I started Christy Fifield's  Murder Sends A Postcard. I pre ordered this third installment of the Haunted Souvenir Shop Mysteries  from The Book Depository and I was thrilled when it arrived.
I first discovered Christy Fifield's book on a trip to the library when I was particularly in need of a good read. I spun the racks like I always do when I am in need of something to present it's self and waited for the book to jump out at me, and it did. Yes if you are new to my blog I often choose books by their cover or by spining the rack and reading the first one that falls out. It is a system that has never failed me.

 I got half way through the first one and ran to my computer to pre order Murder Hooks a Mermaid which I really enjoyed last year, I kept my eyes out for the pre release of Murder sends a Postcard and well now I am almost half way through...

 I will leave you now for a few good hours I hope of reading. If you are looking for a great read to take you off to the warm Keyhole Bay Florida, pick up Murder Sends a Postcard and just like that its Florida in July...
Leaving you with warm summer thoughts,
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Silence of the Library Is A Fantastic Read!

I purposely read each word of this book very slowly. I fell in love with this series a few years back and when the long awaited The Silence of the Library by Miranda James (aka Dean James) arrived I was so very excited. I loved every chapter of this book. The characters are so relate-able, the story was fun and very easy to get into. The way that Miranda James writes from the point of view of Male Main Character Charlie grabs me every time, he reminds me of my own grandfather who had long since passed, his love of books he passed on to my mother who then all be it later in my life passed on the love of cozy mysteries to me.

 I love the way the family works together with Chief Deputy Kanesha in this latest installment of The Cat in the Stacks series.. I enjoyed many cups of tea and lovely treats while reading The Silence of the Library. I feel like I went on  vacation to visit a family friend with this adventure, swept up in the story and enjoyed it so very much.
This entire series had a profound effect in my family life, as I read through this series and fell in love with Diesel our own family adopted a rescue cat  last year....

I have read the entire Cat in the Stacks Mysteries and I loved each one, while on the second book Classified As Murder, that I began to realize our family life was suffering with out the love of a cat of our own and I really really wanted a Maine Coon Cat like Diesel, Main character Charlie Harris side kick. I mulled that idea over in my head as I read through File M for Murder....
Last year while reading Out of Circulation I shared my desire with my husband and he and one of my young sons visited our local shelters trying to find the perfect cat for our family, while not a Maine Coon she does remind me quite a bit of Diesel, she chirps and has the pointy ears I imagine that Diesel has . Honestly Squirrel adopted us. This cat had the most personality and quickly bonded with my son who has Autism, and home Squirrel came to live. Our 2 year old +  rescue cat came named and we did not have the heart to change it.

Squirrel like Diesel has become a constant companion since her rescue. I wonder though, who rescued whom?
If you are looking for a series to fall in love with as a Cat lover you can not go wrong with the Cat in the Stacks Mysteries.
To find out more about Miranda James aka Dean James please click here. 
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Scone Recipe To Enjoy With Your Afternoon Tea and Stolen Moment To Read

Well the mail man made my day by delivering the long awaited Books, Cooks and Crooks by Lucy Arlington to my door, though I am not yet through The Silence of the Library from Miranda James, I am looking forward to starting this one soon.  While I savor The Silence of the Library and my 4th scone with Double Clotted Cream (Devonshire Cream) and Raspberry Jam. I thought you may enjoy my scone recipe for yourself. 

Karen Mom of Three's Afternoon Scones
Pre heat your oven to 400F
2 cups of all purpose flour
4 tbsp baking powder
1/2 cup of butter, margarine or lard
1/3 cup of white sugar
1 egg
1/3 cup of milk

In a mixing bowl combine your flour, sugar, baking powder and fat. Mix until they resemble bread crumbs. In a measuring cup place your egg and milk, use a fork to combine them and pour into the flour mix. fold into your flour mix until well combined. Then spoon drop (Or you can use a cookie scoop) onto a parchment lined baking sheet, 2 inches a part, place in oven and bake until golden brown.
Cool slightly and then sever warm with Doubled Clotted Cream and Raspberry Jam.

Karen Mom of Three

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

From My Table To Yours...

Well I started The Silence of the Library by Miranda James last night, only meaning to read a chapter or two but I read to chapter 15, it was like a visit with an old friend and I hated to have it end but alas I had to go to sleep. My mother used to keep books on the table, stacked neatly and close. I think I understand now why she did. Having a book on your table is like having a close friend near by. My mother has been gone now for more then 3 years but I think she would have completely agreed.
It is just after 7 am here, the sun is just coming up in the winter sky, it is a lovely lavender color out my window. In my cup today Steeped Tea earl Grey de la Creme, on my table The Silence of the Library, on my mind my mother.
Enjoy your day,

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Beewitched By Hannah Reed, A Queen Bee Mystery

In July I found this wonderful series by Hannah Reed Referred to as the Queen Bee Mystery's and published by Berkley Prime Crime
I quickly fell in love with the Town of Moraine and it's cast of characters lead by Story Fischer, Store owner and bee keeper. Through Story you get to know the crazy occupants of Moraine and come to love and appreciate most of them. You also learn to dislike a few town members such as the local head of Police and the towns only realtor. One of my most favorite characters is Story's grandmother, she is a brilliant addition to this story line.
This installment of Story's adventures had me laughing out loud, wanting to scream and wanting to cry. The story was believable, the characters so endearing and the twist at the end not one I saw coming.
I had the good fortune of enjoying many cups of tea while I enjoyed Beewitched, okay I enjoyed many tasty treats as well. I recommend Beewitched to all of you who are looking for a great read. I recommend The Queen Bee Mystery Series to anyone who is looking for a new cozy series to fall in love with.
Learn more about Hannah Reed and The Queen Bee Mystery Series by clicking here.
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What Is A Cozy Anyway?

Welcome. Put the kettle on, take out your favorite tea cup and saucer and make a cup of tea, grab a cozy and join me...
I have been thinking about blogging about another passion of mine Cozy Mysteries and at the request of many of my Cozy Mystery Loving Friends I thought I would give it a try. But What is a Cozy anyway?
Wikipedia explains a cozy as this
"Cozy mysteries, also referred to simply as "cozies," are a subgenre of crime fiction in which sex and violence are downplayed or treated humorously, and the crime and detection take place in a small, socially intimate community. The term was first coined in the late 20th century when various writers produced work in an attempt to re-create the Golden Age of Detective Fiction.[1]"

 What Cozy's are for me....
I discovered cozy mysteries a few years back, in a chance carousel spin on a trip with my boys to the library, not sure what I was looking for but knowing I liked Mysteries I spun and decided that where it stopped I would CHOOSE BOOKS by their covers.....Best reading decision I ever made. 
 About the same time I discovered cozy's I discovered Tea...yes how I went my entire life with out drinking tea until my very late 30's is beyond me, perhaps you find what you need when you are ready...
So back to the picking books by their covers, I did this time and time again and found that I really loved these mysteries, strong female characters, small towns and great friendships...Sometimes I would be three chapters in and realize I had to read the entire series, so I would order them from The Book where the shipping is always free!
I began pre ordering the books, following the Authors blogs and website and writing to let them know when I really enjoyed their work. 
I was recently invited to admin this wonderful Facebook group, where I share my photos daily. Click here to join me on Facebook  on The Story Sister's Page....
So with each cozy I always have a cup of tea, its part obsession, part habit, part sanity break. I love loose leaf tea and drink loose tea from Steeped Tea and Davids. Earl Grey de la Creme, Fuzzy Peaches and After Eight some of my current favorites from Steeped.
Long Life Oolong, I love tea #7 and Coffee Cake are my current favorites from Davids tea.

I just finished Beewitched by Hannah Reed and I loved it, I will post my review shortly but I should make this blog live, then share it on Facebook and get some dishes done. I invite you to join me for tea and a cozy mystery. 
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