Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Cup of Tea and A Cozy Surprise...

The other night I got a knock at the door while making dinner and I was thrilled that my ARC of Laura Child's new book Plum Tea Crazy arrived early and it had the most fantastic tea from the Plum Deluxe Tea Company .
The lovely blend I was sent is called  Reading Nook Tea Blend. This is heavenly!
This black tea is blended with Lavender, Chamomile and Rose. It is a wonderful blend to cuddle up on the couch with and read or take into my writing corner!
You can find it on their website by clicking here.
It was such a treat to have these lovely surprises on my table this week. I have a few more titles to get through before I start Laura Childs Plum Tea Crazy. I am so excited to have it and to have a new tea company to try and fall in love with.
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Learn more about Plum Deluxe Tea by clicking here. 
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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Color Me Murder by Krista Davis

Color Me Murder by Krista Davis is a book you can not put down. It is engaging, and the perfect blend of cozy and mysterious and the tiniest sliver of romance. It was brilliant. Start to finish a readers delight. All the feels and warm feelings at the end. I cannot wait to read the next in series. There is something truly remarkable in the way that Krista Davis writes and just how much I love each and every character she creates. I felt so emotionally involved and invested. Instant book hangover. I loved it! The cover is amazingly reflective of the story and just so much fun. This book is out February 27th and is a Kensington release.
By day, Florrie Fox manages Color Me Read bookstore in Georgetown, Washington D.C. By night, she creates her own intricately detailed coloring books for adults, filling the pages with objects that catch her eye. There’s plenty of inspiration in her new apartment—a beautiful carriage house belonging to Professor John Maxwell, Florrie’s boss. He offers the property to Florrie rent-free with one condition—she must move in immediately to prevent his covetous sister and nephew from trying to claim it. When the professor’s nephew, Delbert, arrives, he proves just as sketchy as Florrie feared. But the following morning, Delbert has vanished. It’s not until she visits the third floor of the store that Florrie makes a tragic discovery—there’s a trap door in the landing, and a dead Delbert inside. The esteemed Professor Maxwell is an obvious suspect, but Florrie is certain this case isn’t so black and white. Doodling clues, she begins to consider other colorful characters on the scene, all with a motive for murder. With a killer drawing closer, Florrie will need to think outside the lines . . . before death makes his mark again.

I am not an amazon affiliate and I make nothing if you click this link. I would though if you are a cozy mystery fan, order this book and clear your schedule!
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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Murder in an Irish Churchyard by Charlene O'Connor

"In Ireland the inevitable never happens
and the unexpected constantly occurs" -Sir John Pentland Mahaffy
 I have to say this quote struck me as almost perfect for describing the cozy mystery of Murder in an Irish Churchyard. I loved everything about this book, title, cover, and every word in the book. The lovely lilt of the Irish accent, sprinkled throughout the dialog enchants you as it dances in your mind and makes you wish it came out of your own mouth. A murder mystery about family, community, history, friendship, and the strength of integrity. Start to finish a very fine mystery indeed! This one is out in February 27th and is the third book in the series by Charlene O'Connor
I loved this Kennsington Mystery, Murder in an Irish Churchyard, you can find it on Amazon by clicking here. 
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Saturday, January 27, 2018

On My Table and In My Cup January 20-27th

I am thrilled and excited that safely arrived on my table are three Berkley Prime books I have been looking so forward to reading! Miranda James Claws for Concern, Sofie Ryan's The Fast and The Furriest and Lena Gregory's Clairvoyant and Present Danger all have a special spot this week.  In my cup yesterday a lovely black Davids Tea called I love Tea #7 which is a blend of chocolate, rose and black tea that hit the spot!
Tomorrow I will review Murder in an Irish Churchyard, oh do I love this Irish Cozy Mystery series. I think this is by far one of the best Irish series, written!
My niece PB joined me Friday and we had a whole bunch of fun. She had her breakfast tea (grape juice) and froot loops, where she got to pour her own milk she was very proud.
Some wonderful armchair traveling mysteries this week to go along with the teas. Til Death Do Us Party by Vickie Fee is my favorite of the series so far and I can not wait for you all to read it in March! I loved the cover too!
I do love it when the perfect teacup matches the cover of a book and when I can pair part of the title into a treat. Survival of the Fritters was a very good read this week, so was the apple fritter. Keep your eyes out for this soon to be released new cozy by Ginger Bolton.
A spectacular paranormal cozy mystery in It Takes a Coven graced my table and my reviews this week. Carol J. Perry writes and shares her talents in It Takes a Coven. I loved it so much and hope she writes many many more of these.
This was a very troubling week here for our family and a few unsettling days. I am truly grateful for the support and countless cups of tea, kind and reassuring words with friends and the opportunity to carry on.

I am very excited about the upcoming event on my Beyond The Bookmarks Facebook Event page that will run 24/7 from February 7-11th. I hope you will join us. You can take a look and join in the fun now as I post a few teasers and treats daily, by clicking here.  We have a great lineup of authors joining us and I have lots of fun in store for you. I hope you will join us.
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Friday, January 26, 2018

Fancy Friday Finds ...

Today's Fancy Friday Finds are inspired by Mississippi and poetry by Patricia Neely-Dorsey. She is trying to get her poem called Meet My Mississippi declared the state poem. It is truly wonderful how it captures the warm and inviting feelings that Mississippi should be known for. As the hospitality state, I think these Etsy finds would be lovely to sit and enjoy on the porch with neighbors and friends.

First up is not an etsy find but one you can find on by clicking here. 

Cup and Owl Etsy shop are selling this stunning teacup and saucer is actually a gardneina that is on my wish list! Check it out by clicking here.  I love the soft colors accented in pale yellow with the beautiful blossom in the center. Which I thought was a Magnolia but sadly it's not. I still think it is beautiful.

Dryadtea has this beautiful loose leaf called Dream of Mississippi which is a black tea with plum pear and ginger. You can find this tea by clicking here. 

I also love the look of these flour sack tea towels! This one is from Embroidery Everywhere Etsy shop you can find it by clicking here.  

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Til Death Do Us Party by Vickie Fee

I finished Til Death Do Us Party last night by VIckie Fee and Oh boy is this a fun book! Best in the series by far! I love this cozy southern series and Vickie Fee captures the southern cozy charm in this one even with the trip to Las Vegas. I did not want to put this book down. It was fun, it was filled with charm, stubbornness, love and mystery as well as a whole lot of Elvis. A great feel good cozy mystery from start to finish. What happens in Vegas only stays in Vegas if you choose, a very good armchair traveler read. Fantastic cover!

Las Vegas knows how to party, and for once, event planner Liv McKay won’t be entirely behind the scenes. The Dixie gang is in Sin City to celebrate Mama and Earl’s rockin’ Elvis-themed wedding. And between juggling the botched bachelorette party and a problem-plagued soirée back home, Liv’s ready to double down on some fun.  Mama & Earl’s happily-ever-after seems like a sure thing, but all bets (and nuptials) are off when they get to the Burning Love Wedding Chapel. Their Elvis-impersonating minister has left the building . . . permanently. And even worse, Liv’s cousin, Little Junior, is suspected of his murder.  With Mama’s happy ending on the table and Little Junior about to lose it all, the stakes are higher than ever. Liv and her best friend, Di, must hit the Strip to find the real killer before he finally plays his ace... 
This one is out March 27th from Kensington, you can find it on Amazon by clicking here. 
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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Traveling Tea Kettles...

Today I am sharing a post that has nothing to do with cozy mysteries but everything to do with tea and traveling. I am not someone who travels regularly but when I do I am someone who likes to have the comforts of home with me. My son is going on a school trip to Europe shortly and my mother in law took us to a travel store. I did not expect to enjoy it quite as much as I did nor did I think I would find something I never knew I always needed!

We are a family of 5 so most trips we take we do by vehicle. I am a huge fan of Nascar even though we live in Canada and last year over spring break we drove two 14 hour days to Arizona so that I could go to a race and share my love of racing with the boys who were promises a trip to universal studios on the way home. Those long drives would have been so much more delightful had I been able to make and enjoy a fresh pot of tea while my husband drove. Now let me tell you that I was sitting on a huge stretch of highway in Nevada thinking I really wish you could make tea in this car, with nothing and no services along this long stretch this little kettle would have come in quite handy!

When we travel I bring a small kettle with us it holds about 750 mls a very small pot of tea or two mugs worth. It is a bit bulky and still something I make room for in my suitcase and in the car. So imagine my surprise to learn they make one that FOLDS DOWN for space saving! This one I found on Bed Bath and Beyond's website and one I want to buy! If you are a traveling tea drinker you know that the coffee pot in the hotel room just doesn't get it done! Check this one out (they have a white one too) by clicking here 

These to items are enough for me to want to pick up and hit the road! How about you? I would love to hear from you if you have had any experience with any of these or if you have some great traveling tea tips for us today.
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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Survival of The Fritters by Ginger Bolton

I read Survival of the Fritters by Ginger Bolton yesterday. This was a very compelling cozy mystery with a great story, filled with twists turns and nostalgia. I love the complex relationships and back story of main character Em. A young widowed police officer's wife, who together with the retired chief of police who also happens to be her father in law open a doughnut and coffee shop. The mystery and the unraveling of facts was fascinating, and so well thought out. This is a very well written cozy and I think this will make a wonderful series. I really enjoyed it and this one comes out January 30th from Kensington.
Emily Westhill runs the best donut shop in Fallingbrook, Wisconsin, alongside her retired police chief father-in-law and her tabby Deputy Donut. But after murder claims a favorite customer, Emily can’t rely on a sidekick to solve the crime—or stay alive.If Emily has learned anything from her past as a 911 operator, it’s to stay calm during stressful situations. But that’s a tall order when one of her regulars, Georgia Treetor, goes missing. Georgia never skips morning cappuccinos with her knitting circle. Her pals fear the worst—especially Lois, a close friend who recently moved to town. As evening creeps in, Emily and the ladies search for Georgia at home. And they find her—murdered among a scattering of stale donuts . . .Disturbingly, Georgia’s demise coincides with the five-year anniversary of her son’s murder, a case Emily’s late detective husband failed to solve before his own sudden death. With Lois hiding secrets and an innocent man’s life at stake, Emily’s forced to revisit painful memories on her quest for answers. Though someone’s alibi is full of holes, only a sprinkling of clues have been left behind. And if Emily can’t trace them back to a killer in time, her donut shop will end up permanently closed for business . . .

You can find Survival of the Fritters on Amazon by clicking here. 
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Monday, January 22, 2018

It takes a Coven by Carol J. Perry

I still remember the first time I held the Witch City Mystery book in my hand and fell in love with the cover, and everything about the series. I am a huge fan of Carol J. Perry and her Witch City Mysteries. I feel right at home in them. Absolutely love the characters, the setting is perfectly described and the main character Lee is spectacular. This book is very relatable for me, and Lee, as a character is one of my most favorite, I feel like she and I could be great friends. We seem to have so much in common, I feel like if I could get her to switch from coffee to tea we could even be sisters. I series like this doesn't come along often and when you feel like the series is one you could pick up and move into without missing a beat you know you have found a truly wonderful and special book.  This book feels like the first one, with all the magic and charm I found to be so outstanding in the first book. This book is the perfect blend of a paranormal cozy and wonderful whodunit! I anxiously await the release of another in this series. This is so well done and a series I treasure. This book is  published by Kensington and is book 6,  out February 27.

There’s a new witch-hunt in Salem, Massachusetts . . . When Lee Barrett joins a former student’s bridal party as maid of honor, she expects cake tastings and dress fittings. But wedding planning becomes more peculiar than Lee’s scrying talents could ever predict. There’s a magical baker, a best man with a checkered past, and a talking crow named Poe as the ring bearer. There’s also a kindly old man dead under his apple tree—one of a series of unexplained deaths hanging over the Wiccan community . . . With witches dropping dead before they even come out of the proverbial broom closet, Lee’s best friend, River, fears she might have somehow unleashed a terrible curse on the city. Now, aided by Poe and her clairvoyant cat, Lee sets out to investigate. Are lives being claimed by vengeful supernatural forces—or by something more shocking? She soon discovers, casting light on the wicked truth can be one killer commitment . . .   

You can find this book and pre order from Amazon by clicking here.  * I am not an amazon affiliate and I do not get paid if you click.
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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Biscuits and Slashed Browns.

I finished reading Biscuits and Slashed Browns Friday. This is the 4th book in the Country Store Mystery Series by Maddie Day. This one had a ripped from the headlines feel with two interesting storylines for a cozy mystery. I enjoyed the idea of the environmental side and the medical side of the twists and turns of this mystery. Main character Robbie has her hands full and is kept very busy in this cozy mystery. With staff issues, a maple festival and a town full of scientists, she is already run off her feet, add a murder to the list of things Robbie takes on and you realize just how amazingly complicated her life can become. Good read. I enjoyed the story.  This one comes out January 30th.  

For country-store owner Robbie Jordan, the National Maple Syrup Festival is a sweet escape from late-winter in South Lick, Indiana—until murder saps the life out of the celebration . . . As Robbie arranges a breakfast-themed cook-off at Pans ‘N Pancakes, visitors pour into Brown County for the annual maple extravaganza. Unfortunately, that includes Professor Connolly, a know-it-all academic from Boston who makes enemies everywhere he goes—and this time, bad manners prove deadly. Soon after clashing with several scientists at a maple tree panel, the professor is found dead outside a sugar shack, stabbed to death by a local restaurateur’s knife. When an innocent woman gets dragged into the investigation and a biologist mysteriously disappears, Robbie drops her winning maple biscuits to search for answers. But can she help police crack the case before another victim is caught in a sticky situation with a killer?

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

On My Table and In My Cup January 13th -20th

Another week has come and gone. On my table this weekend is It Takes A Coven by Carol J Perry. I am already very much enjoying this book and can not wait for you to discover it.
also on my table this week from Susan Boles Death at the MIdnight Dragonfly. I have not started this one but I am glad I have it ready to go!
On my table this week I pulled out my Royal China and look I have a spot for a few more pieces, hinting to my brother in law that I need the new mug from the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Ms. Markle.
at my table yesterday I had one of my nieces join me for a day of crafting and tea. This is Thea and she and I had a fancy tea lunch on her day off from school. She is number 6 of 8 in my number of nieces. We had a great day and it was fun to have some girl time.
On my table earlier in the week I Had the new paperback of the Cat in the Stacks Mystery series with Twelve Angry Librarians. I love this series and I hope that if you have not yet read it you add it to your TBR pile. It is one of the best!

I very much enjoyed Scone Cold Killer by Lena Gregory this week. This one is out next week and is a great first in series.
A different type of self help book on my table this week in Everyday Enchantments.
I also reviewed Deja Moo, which was a fun read and exactly what I was looking for.
I just finished up Biscuits and Slashed Browns by Maddie Day yesterday and will share my review on this one tomorrow.

This is has been a delicious week in teas and treats. I had some lovely carmel teas, double cream Earl Grey, Lots of Murchies Vanilla Tea, and Balmoral Blend, as well as some Sweet Strawberry Matcha in my Orange Juice, Christmas Eve blend in my evening cups and a few cups of Tazo's calm blend of tea. Lemon Cakes and Macaroons, Two bite Brownies, Walkers Shortbread and Chocolate Peanut butter cookies, may be the reason why my pants maybe a bit more snug this week but what a delicious week t has been.

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Fancy Friday Finds

Oh Etsy how I love what you suggest for me. Today I am sharing what Etsy thinks should be on my Etsy Favorites list and they got it right with the top one. I really love this listing for a teacup and saucer that have been altered with the words, " I love you, Be quiet" I would scream "TAKE MY MONEY" if it also said "and let me read". This Fancy Friday find can be found with other very funny and some a tad naughty teacups in the Angilolettidesigns Etsy shop by clicking here. 
I really enjoy vinyl stickers I can put on my computer, picture frames or on travel mugs (I need it for hockey, the cup and saucer are the only place I don't generally take them) I would give new life to an old travel mug with a new vinyl sticker like this one from The Book-ish Company! Click here to see this listed under $3) and check out the entire shop too!
The last Fancy Friday find I have to share is this heart shaped sugar cube listing and you can pick the color! I really would love to have these wouldn't you?
Click here for these listed in the MsFoodie Etsy shop. 

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Twelve Angry Librarians is now out in paperback!

Today I am writing about one of my most treasured series, that is The Cat in the Stacks Mystery series written by Miranda James. Twelve Angry Librarians has just come out in paperback from Berkley Crime.  This cozy mystery series stands out to me so much because of the main character Charlie Harris and his Main Coon Sidekick Diesel. I have read many cozy mysteries and series but this one stands out to me most because of the perspective of the main character and how author Miranda James is able to show enormous empathy and capacity for a male main character in a cozy setting. Charlie is written with great sophistication, grit and sincerity. He feels like he could be your friend, father, neighbor or coworker. There is a great respect and endearment that Miranda James encorperates in Charlie  and an undeniable bond between man and cat with Diesel.  It is really easy to relate to Charlie, to Diesel and to all of the characters I have become attached too over the many books in this series. This is one of the best binge worthy cozy mystery series ever written.
For me this series had a profound and deep effect on me. After reading the first three books, we rescued a cat of our own, or I should say our cat Squirrel rescued us. It was all the things Miranda James did in writing the character of Diesel that convinced us it was time to bring a cat home to our own family. We adopted her as a two year old rescue and she is one of the most wonderful things that ever happened to our family.
Squirrel has also become a trusted reading companion and she has joined me through reading so many of Miranda James books. It is as if she knows the special bond between reader and cat and the Cat in the Stacks Mystery series. 

We have now had our second rescue cat Mia, for two years and she as well is a fan of the series. She I think has more of Diesel's coloring! If you are a cat lover this is a series for you. If you are looking for a series with a great setting, a  main character that exceeds stereotypical cozy mystery standards then this is the series you have been waiting for. Twelve Angry Librarians is book 8 in the series and is now out in paperback. You can find it on Amazon by clicking here. 
Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a look at a favorite cozy mystery series. It is my hope that you will find it as endearing as I have.
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