Saturday, March 26, 2022

Murder Buys A Lemon by Christy Fifield


Well, hello there old friend, it has been quite sometime since we last visited. Almost 2 years, boy things have changed and yet somethings have stayed the same. For me the love of tea and reading really never left, but allowing myself the time to read, in an ever changing world where I felt like if I took my eyes off of the news, social media etc that the world would indeed come to an end and in ways It was that fear that has kept me away from reading and reviewing for so long. When we last chatted in 2020 things were about to change even more than I had ever imagined, my life had done a 360 and then well Covid-19 took us by storm, and now in 2022, here we are, War in the Ukraine, Covid-19 still a daily concern and yet, a gentle pause in my new life (working now in a school) afforded me a Spring Break reprieve. One the first night of Spring Break for me, I received an email request to read a book in the Haunted Tourist Shop Series. Now Christy Fifield had actually been on my mind in recent months as I was remembering how much I loved this series, main character Glory and her coffee bereft Parrot Bluebird. Not having read a book in a very long time. I jumped at the chance to read this 5th book in the series. 

I absolutely loved it! This is book 5 in the series which was once a Berkley series. It was like visiting and catching up with old friends. Picking up where we left off and a really enjoyable visit! Keyhole bay and Glory's friends, the shop and the adventures of best friends Glory and Karen, their weekly dinner crew and of course Bluebird and his antics made this book one I could not put down. I absolutely loved it and I also loved that this out of practice armchair sleuth, did not have the murderer figured out in the end! A great read and one I highly recommend! 

Now I won't pretend I understand the ins and outs of Kickstarter however, @tusnamiridgepublishing on instagram and you can find the kickstarter here is offering a chance to win an early copy of the book for the launch of the kickstarter Tuesday! 


It's been a while in coming #cozymysterylover, but the newest installment in #ChristyFifield's beloved "Haunted Souvenir Shop" mystery series is compete and ALMOST on its way to you! "MURDER BUYS A LEMON" features the further murderous adventures of Glory, Bluebeard the foul-mouthed haunted parrot, and the whole gang down at the Southern Treasures shop!
We're launching the book through a new Kickstarter campaign that will give you a chance to get advance copies, an omnibus of the first four books (with added material!), bonus short stories, and much more!
Be sure to click the link in our bio to get all the details!

Your Pal, RobotCEO"

Well my long neglected blog and my delightful friends, It felt good to be back sharing and reading, reviewing and hope you don't mind a visit from this old friend. Let's have tea again soon. I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me however this time at


  1. Thank you for the lovely review, Karen! I am so glad you liked the book. It's been a long time for me too, and a welcome back like this one is worth it's weight in gold!

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