Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Panty Raid! A Great Start To A New New Mystery Series by Lorraine Bartlett

Today I woke up to find that my husband kindly downloaded Lorraine Bartlett's new Mini Mystery Panty Raid to my Kobo. Now that is love. I was so excited to read this outside today under my tree with my tea. This Prequel of an up coming Mystery series about two best friends was so enjoyable.  Two friends at a cross roads in life, one drops everything to help out her best friend in need, Tori's underwear has been going missing and together Kathy and Tori sleuth out the "perve". I laughed out loud with this story and really enjoyed it. I am truly looking forward to purchasing this series when the first book is released in the fall.
As an added bonus at the end of the short story Lorraine includes a wonderful recipe for Oatmeal cookies, of which I had to bake right away! I have eaten about a 1/2 dozen already! The recipe and the new series get my thumbs up! Order your own E book version on Kobo of Lorraine Bartlett's Panty Raid by clicking here.
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