Sunday, December 21, 2014

Lethal Letters By Ellery Adams

Some books you read stay with you for a long time. I finished Ellery Adam's most recent Books By The Bay Mystery, a few weeks ago but did not write my review right away. You see for me writing the review is like saying good by to the book and I was not quite ready to do that yet.
I did not mean to horrify some of the readers on my Facebook page by leaving my book this way! honestly I often put my book down just to take the photo! To the librarians out there I am sorry! My own dog eared, broken spined books are a mark of some of my most favorites. I read them where and when I can in the stolen moments and even fall asleep with them open...
 The Books By The Bay Mysteries are very well written and the returning cast of characters and their stories endear them to the reader in each installment. For the reader each chapter in Ellery's books is a first class seat on Olivia's journey of self discovery.  Olivia's quest for  acceptance in her town of Oyster Bay North Carolina is a theme through out the series and it is such a pleasure to watch her really come into her own in this latest book.  I cried at the end and did not want the book to end.
I take comfort in a great cup of tea and  the fact that I can re read the series and visit Oyster Bay anytime I need too until the next one is written!

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  1. I also love this series Karen, and this book especially. That ending was so lovely, and the murder weapon so horrible and unique.