Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Undead by Morning by Joyce and Jim Lavene

I am continuing to wait somewhat impatiently for the mail man and have been dying to get my hands on some long awaited cozy mysteries I ordered to arrive and found myself with nothing to read yesterday. My wonderful Facebook  Friend Joyce came to the rescue with her short story Undead by Morning.
I knew nothing about this new series of theirs and went into it not knowing the premiss or even an idea of what I was going to be getting myself into.

Look inside and read the first chapter by clicking here

What I got was a surprisingly good mystery to wet my appetite for the first novel of the Taxi for the Dead series which is available for  order now on amazon you can view it by clicking here.
I do like a paranormal mystery from time to time and I prefer witches normally, but zombies are new for me and I actually felt like I need to know what happens next!
To order the short story Undead by Morning Click Here
Thank you to Joyce for sending me this short story to read and opening my mind to accepting that Zombies may actually have a great place amongst the paranormal cozies I currently read.
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  1. I read this and Broken Hearted Ghoul some time ago. They really are a fun change, aren't they?