Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Cup of Tea and A Visit With Lorna Barrett, Author of The Booktown Mystery Series

Today I am thrilled to host Lorna Barrett, author of the New York Bestselling Series A Booktown Mystery for a cup of tea and a quick chat about her most recent paperback release and up coming hardcover release of Fatal Chapter and Title Wave. 
I always love having Lorna's books on my table and hers is a series I splurge on and order the hardcover copies! I read Fatal Chapter last year and I loved it. I can honestly tell you that this series is one of the reasons I read and review cozy mysteries and Lorna's Booktown was the first fictional town I ever wanted to move to!

KMOT: When you are writing what sustains you, coffee, tea or something else?

LB: It depends on the time of day.  From morning up until 5 pm -- black tea (with milk)!  In fact, I really don't have much variety when it comes to imbibing liquids. I drink water, tea, milk, club soda, whiskey and gin ... and that's about it.

KMOT: When writing the book town series do you have a favorite place to sit or go?

LB: It depends on the season.  Most of Title Wave was written while in my enclosed porch overlooking my in-ground pool (also known as the money pit and the pool of death. Lots of little critters end up in the skimmers.  If I see them, I rescue them.  Some toads just don't get it.  Some days I have to rescue the same ones over and over again.) In the winter, I'm more apt to work in my office. But since it usually looks like a warehouse with bookmarks, books, postcards (I do the mailing for the Cozy Chicks as well as my own stuff), it's not always conducive to writing.
If I'm really stuck, and it's not too cold, I'll go sit in the car. For some reason, I always feel inspired when sitting in a car (or on a cruise or a train).

KMOT: Sarge and Miss Marple are such important companions in the story are they based on any pets in particular?

LB: Sarge isn't based on any dog in particular. I would LOVE to have a dog, but Mr. L is against the idea. I grew up with cats and dogs living under the same roof, but despite my assuring him they CAN live together in peace, he doesn't believe it. : (   I'm especially fond of Scotties and Westhighland Terriers, because those are the dogs our family always had. But I would love a Bichon Frise. 

Miss Marple is based on my late cat, Cori. I had her for 18 of her 20 years and she had the sweetest nature. She was a long-haired domestic cat. I don't have a lot of "good" pictures of her, so Mr. L drew her for me.  She seemed the perfect pet for Tricia, and since she had gray hair, the name Miss Marple just seemed to fit.

KMOT: The relationship between Trisha and Angelica has been one of my most favorite in the series. I have loved reading about how they have built up their relationships along with their business through out the books. Is there anything you would like us to know about these sisters that may not be in the books?

LB:I grew up with brothers, so I really have no idea what it would be like to have a sister.  I took a wild guess and wrote what I thought would be a typical sister relationship and it seems to have resonated with my readers. I've received many letters from readers telling me they have the same fierce sisterly love ... they don't always get along, but they love their sisters unconditionally. 
KMOT: Title Wave is the next in series out this July, what would you like readers to know about pre ordering the next mystery?LB: Pre-orders are extremely important. If there's a chance a book will hit the New York Times or USA Today bestsellers lists, it's preorders that will get the book there.

That said, the paperback edition of A Fatal Chapter will be out on May 3rd. I know a lot of readers wait for the paperback to arrive, so it will be a happy day for those who've been waiting nearly a year to read it.

Thank you Lorna for joining us today for a cup of tea and a quick chat. I can not wait to read Title Wave and for my pre-ordered copy from The Book Depository To Arrive! Thank you too for joining me here each and every day for A Cup of Tea and a cozy mystery. 
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