Friday, May 20, 2016

On The Chopping Block A New Series From Jenny Kales

Jenny Kales has a first in series out May 24th that I think you all may just love. On The Chopping Block spent some time on my table this week and I am delighted to have read it. One of the things that struck me first about the character was how real and approachable she felt. I liked that she is a single mother with out a "poor me" story and one who struggles but deals with her divorce in a healthy and modern way. The mystery it's self is good one, though I was not able to figure out who the killer was in the end it should have been so clear! I love it when the author can trick me this way!
Greek-American restaurateur and single mom Calliope “Callie” Costas faces Greek tragedy when a murder shakes the picturesque waterfront community of Crystal Bay, Wisconsin. Recipes included! Building a small business has been murder, but Callie Costas didn’t expect to be confronted with an actual body. The 36-year-old Greek-American proprietor of “Callie's Kitchen,” a meals-from-scratch business in an idyllic small town, has been busy creating a post-divorce life for herself, her young daughter and her Yorkie, Koukla. After a lot of hard work (including staving off her father’s continual advice), she’s got the locals and tourists clamoring for her delicious Mediterranean dishes and Midwest comfort food classics. Recently, she’s started a budding romance with a fellow foodie, the wealthy owner and chef of Crystal Bay’s most popular bistro. However, success is as fleeting as one of Wisconsin’s glorious autumn days. As local businesses begin to shut down due to a slow economy, Callie is struggling not to become another statistic. A contest with a hefty cash prize seems like the perfect chance to fix her financial woes, until a shocking murder threatens not only her livelihood – but her life. When she’s targeted as a prime suspect by an attractive expat British detective, Callie’s situation becomes more delicate than her Greek egg-lemon soup. She’s got to find the killer and fast if she wants to protect her daughter, save her business and stay alive. 
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  1. A very belated thank you for featuring me and taking a chance on a new cozy author!! xo Jenny