Sunday, February 12, 2017

Murder is Uncooperative by Merrilee Robson

Last week I was sent Merrilee Robson's Murder is Uncooperative to review. I am was thrilled to be asked to do so as this is a cozy that is set right here in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Reading through Murder is Uncooperative I was surprised and impressed with just how cozy author Merrilee Robson made a neighborhood of East Vancouver become. What struck me most about the setting is that while yes Vancouver is a large city with many pocket communities, Merrilee managed to capture that community spirit and cozy feeling that we find and have come to expect in great cozies set in coastal communities along the East Coast of the USA. The characters and their struggles felt very real, gritty and plausible. Main character Rebecca is very easy to like and get behind. The struggles she faces in the book caring for her disabled father, being a divorced single mother as well as trying to work from home, highlights situations many readers will find easy to relate to. The lack of affordable housing and how communities work and come together is explored and celebrated in this book. The mystery in this book is a great tangled web and made it a very interesting read. I very much enjoyed Murder is Uncooperative and I hope you will too.
All Rebecca Butler wants is a good home for her young son and disabled father. At first, Waterview Housing Co-op seems perfect. But then she finds the body of the building’s manager. When Rebecca discovers that another murder happened in the building twenty years ago, she begins to suspect that the two deaths might be related. And that one of her neighbors is hiding a secret that will put Rebecca and her family at risk.
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