Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Skeleton Takes A Bow by Leigh Perry

Happy Valentines Day. Today I am sharing a review of Leigh Perry's The Skeleton Takes A Bow.
Last week my friend Karen sent me two books in the Family Skeleton Series by Leigh Perry, which she recommended to me last year and I am absolutely loving them. I was thrilled that she remembered and thought to send me the two I had not yet read. If you have not yet read this series you need to add it to your to be read pile. While yes this is a paranormal cozy it doesn't read like one, in fact Sid, the Skeleton feels like such a real person. He is so much more then just a skeleton who walks and talks. He is a best friend and protector along with being a member of the family. He is funny and intuitive, curious and helpful. In this book Skeleton Takes A Bow, Sid is even an actor. There is no one quite like Sid, which makes him even more endearing. This is a family centered mystery series and in Skeleton Takes A Bow the mystery is very well written. Tugs at the heart strings a bit, gives you the warm and cozy feeling at the end and feels quite plausible given the circumstances. I think this is a brilliant series that started with Leigh Perry and Berkley but is moving to another publisher in October 2017 with A Skeleton Paints A Picture. You can keep up with Leigh Perry on Facebook by clicking here. I loved book two and I am so excited to read book three and four!
After years of hiding in the Thackery family house, Sid the skeleton is delighted to finally have his moment in the spotlight. He’s starring in a high school production of Hamlet. Well, not so much starring in as being a prop. At least part of him has a part—he’s using his head to play Yorick of “Alas, poor Yorick” fame. Every day, Georgia Thackery’s daughter, Madison, who’s also in the play, brings in his skull, and every night, she takes him home...Until one night when he’s accidentally left at school—and hears the sounds of someone being murdered. But the next day, there’s no body and no one seems to be missing.Sid is not a numbskull—he knows what he heard. Georgia thinks he imagined it—until a week later when a body is found. Now Georgia and Sid will both need to keep their heads as they stick their necks out and play sleuth to catch the conscience of a killer…
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