Sunday, August 27, 2017

Diane Vallere's Dressed To Confess

I read Dressed to Confess by author Diane Vallere this week. This is out now and the third book in the Costume Shop Mystery series.  This series is set in a Nevada town called Proper which is trying to find and stick with an identity to put itself on the map for tourists and townspeople alike.
A town festival spells all kinds of trouble for main character Margo, caught up in another murder mystery in her small town just doesn't sit right with her, when her Dad and his best friend start a conspiracy news paper it seems ever so harmless at first, but is it all tied to the most recent murder in town? This is a fun and slightly implausible story with some humorous highlights and a very complicated mystery. I was surprised with who the killer ended up being and I honestly did not figure it out before the big reveal.    

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