Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Tangled Yarn By Betty Hechtman

Book 5 in the Yarn Retreat Mystery Series by Betty Hechtman was the perfect choice to read on my girls weekend away last month, I went with two friends and their daughters for a craft and girls weekend. While I was there I managed to knit two hats and learn some crochet stitches however I did have to leave the retreat early for medical attention and what turned out to be this bought of pneumonia I have been dealing with for the last month. In dealing with it I somehow overlooked posting my review so I apologize to Betty Hechtman for the late posted review.

What a fun series and an inspiring one too! I always seem to have to take up a project while reading the yarn retreat mysteries! Book 5 doesn't disappoint and always so much going on! While some of the retreat attendees may not have been so thrilled with the projects presented I know I wished I had been there to try it out! adding to the excitement and confusion a travel writer  who is attending a different retreat ends up dead and Casey gets tangled up right in the middle of things! I really enjoyed how this mystery played out and I think you will too, now I am more determined than ever to knit the baby blanket in the back of the book!

Betty Hechtman's A Tangled Yarn is out now and you can find it on by clicking here.
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