Thursday, April 23, 2015

Great Book, Great Series! Grimm's Furry Tail by Kathi Daley The Third Book In The Whales and Tails Mystery Series.

I finished Grimm's Furry Tail last night. Kathi Daley is one of my favorite Authors. I swear the woman must never sleep, every time I turn around and am looking for something to read she has another book coming in out in one of her fantastic series, all of which I read and enjoy.
I loved the three books in this series for so many reasons. Kathi is great at providing her readers with intriguing story arcs as well as characters you can really get behind and support. Personally I loved this series because it happens so close to where I live here on the West Coast an there are not too many cozies set in the Pacific North West. I also love the idea of a Cat/Book/Coffee sanctuary, long lost loves and friendships and families that stand the test of time, of hardship and of joy.
If you are looking for a warm and friendly series with a bit of murder mystery and fantastic characters check out Kathi Daley's Whales and Tails Series which is being sold as a box set on Amazon for your Kindle (or Ipad app like mine) for $2.99 Click here for more information.
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  1. I think Kathi’s books are great! And can’t wait to get my hands on the next book out!