Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Orange As Marmalade by Fran Stewart

Author Fran Stewart kindly sent me a copy of Orange As Marmalade to read and review. I had not heard about this series and was thrilled when it arrived. This is the 1st Biscuit McKee Mystery and I really enjoyed reading it. I also loved how it looked on my table!

The pace and format of this story was different then any cozy I had read before. I loved getting to know Biscuit and her sister, through out this book as much as I liked getting to know Marmalade the cat. This story manages to cover two years at one time and yet is easy to follow. The story of how Biscuit meets and falls in love with Bob is sweet and perfect for a cozy mystery, where else do you expect the main characters  meet and fall in love over the dead body of one of the small town residents. Any other love story would not have been so sweet and as awkward as this one. I enjoyed the way the love story unfolded as well as the mystery it's self. So much happens in the book that I did not guess how the story lines would intersect and was surprised with how the suspect was apprehended.
If you have not yet read Orange as Marmalade and you love a story about relationships and a very clever cat this is a series for you. To order a copy for yourself please click here.
To learn more about Fran Stewart please click here.

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