Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Teacup Adventure Awaits Me Now With Each Sip! Check Out My New Custom Teacup and Saucer Purchase.

I treated myself to a new custom tea cup which arrived yesterday. I had seen and shared a wonderful Doctor Who themed teacup and Etsy shop a little while back and I asked the shop owner Lithia of Lithia's Creations to do a set with my favorite Doctor's (David Tennant) Catch Phrase instead of the one she had for Matt Smith's character. I was so delighted with what she made me and holding it in my hands I am even more thrilled!
I really am impressed with the quality too! The cup it's self and saucer is Imperial China, W. Dalton pattern is Seville. The tiny blue flowers lend themselves beautifully to the altered theme! 
I know many of you are wondering the cost and I found the cost of the set to be extremely reasonable! Her altered sets start at $20!  I am only sorry that shipping between Canada and the USA and vice versa cost so much! I would however not hesitate to purchase anything from Lithia as this exceeded my expectations! 
Sold but not to me! She does take custom orders as well!

Working with her on the custom listing was also a great experience. If you would like to check out Lithia's Creations Etsy shop (even chat with her about your own custom listing) please click here.
You can also find her shop and fan page on Facebook by clicking here.
Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a cozy mystery! Tomorrow my review of Lucy Arlington's Off The Books will be up! I hope you will join me then too!

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