Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Cup of Tea With Laura Morrigan Author of Take The Monkey And Run!

Today I am so happy to have Laura Morrigan here for a cup of tea and a chat about her new book Take The Monkey and Run (Which I loved!) and her Call of The Wilde Series.

KMOT: Thank you Laura for joining us today. While writing what sustains you? Coffee, Tea, other? 

LM: "Coffee!!! Along with the kindness of friends and family who periodically throw food in my direction."

KMOT: How long was the writing process for Take The Monkey and Run?

 LM: "Longer than usual because of some major life changes. Divorce, moving etc... (No sad faces- everyone is happy now!) so it took me about a year, vs the typical nine months."

KMOT: Take the Monkey and Run is based in New Orleans did you take a field trip there for research? 
LM: "I sure did! I know, tough life, right? Research was fun, of course! But it really does help feed ideas. "

KMOT: Main Character Grace has such a unique talent, is she based on anyone you have ever met?
LM: "Nope. Like many people with pets, I've always wondered what they were thinking. Which made me wonder what it would be like to actually know. From that, Grace was born."

KMOT: Is there anything about your series you would like my readers to know?

LM: "I tell people that the Call of the Wilde series, while still a cozy, has a bit more suspense and action than most- so be ready for that!

Thank you Laura for joining us for a cup of tea today! 

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  1. I've read some of the other books and I really enjoyed them I need to read this one.