Thursday, July 14, 2016

Gone With The Wool By Betty Hechtman

Betty Hechtman's Gone With The Wool was a very inspiring read. As a very novice knitter I truly appreciated a yarn retreat with a project at the end of the book I felt sure I could actually complete! This series is a wonderful idea and book 4 doesn't disappoint!  An enchanting seaside town with a butterfly festival and a yarn retreat to boot, sounds like my kind of town! When the former uppity Butterfly Queen is murdered and the mystery unfolds it is a very exciting read.

Every October, thousands of monarch butterflies flock to California’s Monterey Peninsula to spend the winter there. To welcome their colorful guests, Cadbury by the Sea holds a weeklong festival complete with a butterfly queen and her court. Eager to show some town spirit, Casey Feldstein finds herself fluttering back and forth between setting up a yarn retreat, baking and helping out at the festival. But when a former butterfly queen is found dead with a knife in her back after a Bless the Butterflies service, Casey must set her loom aside to hook a killer with a score to settle.

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Patterns and recipes at the back of cozies are the adult version of the prize at the bottom of the cereal box. 
I love how my "Crystal's Loom Cowl" turned out!

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