Friday, July 15, 2016

Murder Handcrafted A Wonderful Mystery With All The Feels Start To Finish!

Wednesday I finished Murder Handcrafted by Isabella Alan, I so enjoyed this read, as I write this I still have a tears in my eyes with how it ended. I have not read the 4 previous books in this series and after reading this one I can not wait to read the rest. I loved the relationship of main character Angie and her Amish best friend who just happens to be a male. I also loved the romance between her and the sheriff, her relationship with her parents and her super sleuthing skills in this mystery. The murder was a gruesome one and I even found I have conflicting feelings for the person who was murdered, usually in cozy mysteries for me that never happens. I always want the murder caught and brought to justice, however my picture of the person who was murdered constantly changed in my head as I read. I love the theme of what makes a good family, friendships strong and community so important. I laughed, I cried and I longed to be part of the quilting circle. This was a book and series I can honestly say I was thrilled to have found.
Spring has arrived in Holmes County and Angie couldn’t be happier. She’s got great friends, a thriving business, and is in the perfect relationship with Sheriff James Mitchell. The only thing raining on her parade is her mother drafting her into a massive home renovation project—and using their sudden mother/daughter bonding time to comment on Angie’s ticking biological clock.  The house’s repairs and upgrades between the Amish craftsmen and their Englisch counterparts are proceeding well until a tremendous shock comes to the workers when the electrician is found dead on site. With the sheriff suspecting foul play, it falls to Angie to root a killer out of the woodwork. . . .
I also loved the title and the cover of this book, the two furry helpers in this book were delightful as well!
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