Sunday, September 25, 2016

Joyce Tremel's Tangled Up In Brew

Last Monday I read Tangled Up in A Brew by Jocye Tremel. This was a first for me in the series and I will be honest here, I picked it for the cover and thought "Brew" meant "coffee" and I may not have read it if I knew it was about beer! If I had read what the book was about and the series I may not have picked it up at all. What a happy accident it turned out to be. I am so glad I picked it and read it! While Beer is not my brew of choice, I was delighted with this book and the entire concept. The story revolves around a female brew master and her NHL retired chef boyfriend. Their back stories alone make for an excellent read! Then there was main character "Max's" amazing family. Father who is a police man, brother a priest, then there is a cat named hops.....the back story was fun! The mystery its self was very well done and I found myself very angry at the first victim in the book and not nearly as motivated to help solve the mystery as the main character, I would have been happy to sit back and eat burgers while Max solved the mystery...actually that is exactly what I did. LOL This is a different take on a cozy and I loved the idea, I like strong female characters who have really interesting jobs and this one was delightfully different. 

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  1. Thanks, Karen! That cat on your banner at the top of the page looks just like Hops on the cover!