Thursday, December 27, 2018

Surviving the holidays, how about you?

What a difference a year makes, working full time in the tea shop over the holidays has been a delightful treat and so busy. I am just now getting the shop back in order, and sipping some lovely holiday teas, waiting for opening time and the hopes of some regulars dropping by.

I love my job and being in the shop has added to the Christmas magic. Last year I was at home, writing more, reading tons, and having lots of time to promote authors, crafts and tea. Now I with work I have less time for that but the desire to do return to reading and reviewing more than ever. I have also not had much time to read or write. But I did get in a quick tea with Santa before he retired...

I have finished two books that I will write reviews with and share shortly with you all, I have also taken a course, worked crazy retail hours and managed to stay joyful this holiday season, and I am exhausted.

I hope that the holiday has been good to you and that you too are surviving the holidays.
Happy Reading, Writing, Crafting, sipping and hopefully staying in your PJ's to all of you,

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