Monday, September 8, 2014

Guidebook To Murder A Great Deal and A Great Read!

I am trying to embrace technology, it is not easy for me. I am not really a huge fan of reading on an E reader or on Ipad but as I wait for the fall new releases I ordered and due to a teachers strike here, I have not made it to the local library. The thought of taking 5 children to the library so I can find a book seems a cruel thing to do to the Library staff. So I was reluctantly thrilled to see Guidebook To Murder, from the Tourist Trap Mystery Series, which I had wanted to read go on sale for 99 cents. I asked my husband who understands this new technology and how to get it from "paid to pad" to download it for me. It was truly worth the hassle. This was a great book and much fun to read and get into. I loved the characters and though I had trouble with the subplot at first I thought it was brilliant in the end.
I liked the twists, the turns and the way the story set up the relationships for the next book while never fully resolving all the bad guy characters so I look forward to finding out what happened to them in the next book!
You too can order this E-book for such a great price by clicking here, I understand this price is temporary! So hurry while you can.
My hesitation to read books on e-readers has a lot to do with the tea I drink and the constant reading interruptions  I experience from the phone to the kids to the housework, having a paper back I can throw in my bag and take anywhere with out worry that if I drop I and break the device I am out several hundred dollars....I digress. I look forward to reading more books in this series by Lynn Cahoon .
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  1. Great review of GUIDEBOOK TO MURDER.I have read it and very good. My review is on my WordPress blog