Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Special Cup Graces My Table Today.

I was standing at my sink yesterday morning washing what feels like my millionth dish when my husband asked me why I was not on my way to Seattle. My young friend Ahmie past away this Sunday and her family was having a celebration of life open to all. I originally thought I should not go and yet as I continued the dishes I realized it was exactly where I was meant to be. My normally crazy life and day had sorted it's self. My husband was home from work, only one of my boys required picking up from school and the other boy I look after after school had an appointment with his own family. Apparently my schedule had been made clear. My husband helped me get ready and we borrowed a GPS and I grabbed my passport and I left.
 Ahmie and her family had become a large part of my daily life for the last year and a half. I hosted an on line tea party daily, where we posted our photos and hopes, prayers and love for this young and remarkable lady. 
Smiles through our sadness at Ahmie's request. We gathered at her home and I had the most remarkable chance to not only see Ahmie's body in comfort and in her home but get to see her amazing circle of friends and family. Family, Food and Friendship I witnessed in the face of such an awful time. Beauty and color in a world that largely felt black and white. 

This is how I will remember you as I stood in that very spot of your kitchen yesterday. What an honor to have been a part of your journey, feel the love and warmth of your family and see you at peace surrounded by those who loved you most.

I believe in the power of three. This week three families lives connected with my own have been changed forever. Three loved ones now at peace and we are left alone together. What an honor and privilege to have my life mixed with theirs. 

My first sips from my friend Ahmie's special cup this morning are in thanks to her mothers insistence that I have this special vessel. Today I am thinking of all of you, Ahmie and what you have lost but also thankful for the friendships gained at such trying times.

Thank you for allowing me this space to share my grief and photos of such an amazing young girl and family. I will be back with more tea and hopefully a review of one of my most favorite cozy mysteries of the year!
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  1. Thank you Karen for sharing this special moment in time. It brought tears and special warmth in knowing that love abounds in many ways in our world. Remembering is a great gift we give to those remaining and those who have gone ahead.

  2. A touching story of love! Thank you, Karen.

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