Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Romeow and Juliet A Very Promising New Series by Kathi Daley!

I just finished reading Romeow and Juliet by Kathi Daley, I was sent this copy to review and I loved it.  This cozy is set quiet near to where I actually live so it was really easy to get caught up in the story and picture the setting!
I am a sucker for a great cat cozy and this series called "Whales And Tails Mystery" is a really great cozy! Just the right amount of mystery, small town setting, romance and cats! This is a series that is sure to be popular!  Oh and two witches live on the island too...yep it has it all for me, tea even factors into the story!  I may even want to move there!
I don't want to give too much away but let's just say that I can not wait for the new Coffee Cat Books Store to open! I feel like I could just hop on the ferry and sit and stay awhile!  I also can not wait to read the next two books in the series! First you have to check out Romeow and Juliet by clicking here and Mark your calenders for The Mad Catter (A Whales and Tails Mystery #2) due out February 2015 and Grimm's Furry Tail (A Whales and Tails Mystery #3) coming in March!

If you are a sucker for cover art like I am you are going to love the art work as much as the series. All three books have fantastic covers!
I loved reading this book that takes place in May specifically when it is January and I am counting the days until Spring! So if you need a vacation from the winter order Romeow and Juliet and get that warm and fuzzy cozy feeling! Don't forget to put on a great pot of tea!
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  1. I have this on my Kindle now - can't wait to read it! I love the cover so much.