Monday, January 19, 2015

Snow Way Out A Snow Globe Shop Mystery To Enjoy!

I loved the idea of this book Snow Way Out when I first heard about it's upcoming release on "Chatting about Cozies on Facebook" so I ordered it right away. The cover art was fantastic and I am a sucker for a great cover. I patiently awaited it's release.

When it arrived I was happy to dive right in and get acquainted with Cami and her friends. In the book, the story really gets going when Curio Shop worker Cami and her Friend Pinky (who have adjoining shops) offer a craft night! I have to admit if the class was offered here I too would sign up!

Great first impressions in a first in series are always important and what made this book stand out from the first few pages were the complex relationships of the main characters.I found I wanted to to keep reading  just to figure out how everyone fits in to play and just how they play a role in Cami's life.
What stood out to me most about the relationships in this book was the underling theme that family is more about the people you surround yourself with then just the blood relatives you are given. On top of that you have a great mystery to solve, some good looking local police officers, and learn a new craft skill in Snow Way Out.

I was pleased with this book, I was left wanting to know more about these characters you come to know and relate too. I look forward to seeing how Cami's world get's turned up side down in the next one and just how Author Christine Husom works the snow globes in to the next mystery!
To order your copy of Snow Way Out from The Book Depository which is where I order all my books from do click here.
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  1. Definitely put that book on my to read list. You never know with new authors if you will like them.

    I would love a craft night too, wish they had something like that here as well.

    1. Viki if we lived closer we could go to craft night together!

  2. Karen, your site is beautiful with the stunning photos. Thank you kindly for the wonderful review and order information. I have enjoyed getting to know this new cast of characters!

    1. Thank you so much Christine, I am thrilled you like the photos! Great book and I look forward to the next one!