Thursday, February 5, 2015

By Book or By Crook by Eva Gates Was Worth Waiting For!

 I pre ordered Eva Gate's new first in series By Book Or By Crook based on the cover art alone. I stalked our mail man for more then a week waiting for it to arrive, it was so worth it. I am I will admit a sucker for a book cover with a light house and a cat.  I was so very thrilled with this first in series and felt like I could not put it down.

The main character Lucy impressed me right away, I loved that she was perfect and flawed at the same time. Confident and yet vulnerable and  this "who done it mystery" did keep me guessing until the end. The idea of a library housed in a light house with an apartment at the top was delightful to picture and imagine visiting.

There are so many characters in this book. From the Mayors office to the bakery back to the library it's self, colorful and intriguing so many characters to enjoy.  I hope their introduction in this first in series means that there are more juicy small town gossip and mishaps on the way. Eva Gate's Second book in the series Booked For Trouble is due out in September and I am definitely going to order it! Check out By Book or By Crook by clicking here. 
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  1. I was equally entranced by the cover and the synopsis. I ordered it for my Kindle although truth be told I would rather have the paperback. my only wish is that it was in hardcover. I am starting it this week. Enjoy your tea and cozy .

  2. I enjoyed and review and can't wait to read the book. I love libraries and lighthouses, so I'm sure I'll enjoy the story.

  3. The cover reminds me of ony by Ellery Adams, although that one has her dog on it of course. Still, it sounds like a winner, adding it to my wishlist.