Saturday, February 4, 2017

On My Table and In My Cup January 28th- February 4th

As I write this weeks week in review I am watching the snowflakes continue to fall. The way they fall is not exactly romantic nor is it delicate, they are coming down hard and sticking as if to taunt us. The largely wet west coast is not used to this, nor am I. We do not enjoy this type of weather at the best of times and as it is falling steady and unending I can only hope the rain starts soon. Snow like this is unusual and we are almost always unprepared. Though this time we have salt, shovels and the clothes necessary, I have been unable to muster the childlike excitement I used to have on those very rare occasions of snow. In protest of the falling snow I put Clover Tate's new series with its very spring like cover on my table with a very pretty pink tea cup. This is the book I am reading today.
Just finished Fran Stewart's A Wee Homicide in the Hotel looking forward to sharing this review with you tomorrow.
I loved all the pet themed cozies I read this week and could really use a vacation at the Wagtail Inn, Krista Davis Paws & Claws series had me so excited this week and I hope you will enjoy this February release as well.
My cat Mia fittingly joined my morning tea photo this week with Miranda James Twelve Angry Librarians. This is a fantastic series about a very smart man and his main coon cat. I have truly enjoyed each book in this series, this one is out February 21st.
In addition to the package of books that arrived I was lucky to also have a care package from a dear friend arrive, the bird is a stunning statue and all the goodies were so delightful and a surprise. I also got a lovely notebook with a lighthouse on the front, just waiting for me to put some ideas down in.
This has been a busy week and the return of the snow will have us all slowing down a bit. I hope you find some time to read and stay warm this weekend.
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