Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Delicious Ending For Death of a Chocolate Cheater

I was sent Death of A Chocolate Cheater to read and review by Penny Pike last week. What a delightful and delicious read.

I was thrilled to be asked to read it and pleasantly surprised by what I found with in the pages of the book, and I don't just mean the chocolate that Penny taped inside the front cover, though that was truly a wonderful surprise.
This was the first book in Penny's A Food Festival Mystery that I have read and even though it is the second book in the series I thought it was a great stand alone book. I really enjoyed all the food references and found myself salivating at her recipe suggestions. I was hopping all along that she might include some of the recipes for the wonderful chocolate items she mentions in the book and Penny did not disappoint. They are all there at the end of the book.

With all the wonderful food happenings in this book I must not forget to include that this really is a murder mystery as much as it is a foodies fantasy! Main character Darcy finds herself surrounded by some very talented chefs, all of whom have more then amazing recipes for the Chocolate festival up their sleeves. Each one has motive and opportunity for murder. Darcy with the help of her Aunt Abby, Genius cousin Dillon and love interest Jake, help her Aunt's Boyfriend catch the real killer.
I enjoyed this cozy and some really wonderful chocolate tea. I have only two complaints about this book, the first is that Basil the Long Haired Doxie was not more apart of the story and that the pages were not scratch and sniff. Honestly it was as hard to find fault in this cozy as it was for me to figure out who the real killer was.
To order your own copy of Death of A Chocolate Cheater (which I highly recommend) please click here. 
Thank you to Penny Pike for introducing me to her A Food Festival Mystery Series and for sending me the book and chocolate inside. Thank you as well for joining me for this cup of tea and cozy mystery. As with all my posts I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at karenmowen@gmail.com

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  1. Oh my goodness. This sounds so wonderful! Thank you for the review. I am going to have to read this.