Friday, May 15, 2015

Not Everything I Make Turns Out, But Even The Mistakes Taste Great!

Bundt Cake Mistakes
Every now and then I make a baking mistake,
Usually it is when I try a bundt cake,
I don't know why,
no matter how hard I try,
I usually give up and just start to cry.
~by Karen Owen

The above poem was inspired by my lack of baking abilities this past Tuesday I tried for what feels like the millionth time to make a bundt cake, and for about the millionth time I failed. I went to and graduated from cooking school years ago and even though I bake a lot I still make mistakes. Why this always happens to me is the "mystery" part of today's post.

If you don't believe me about me making mistakes, take a look at my attempt at Dora The Explorer Cakes I did for my twin nieces for their 2nd birthdays 6 years ago, it looked like Dora was having an allergic reaction to a bee sting...Seriously though it was enough to make me give up cake decorating for a while!

Back to my bundt cake though, my second try worked. That is after making as second trip to the store for more eggs and oil....when I got back I sprayed so much Pam cooking spray on the pan that I could not see clearly in my kitchen, said a prayer and placed it in the oven.
Then I made a pot of tea, sat down, dried my tears and ate my mistake cake which tasted pretty darn good.  Come to think about it that day we ate the Dora cake where she was having an "allergic reaction to a bee sting" tasted pretty good too. At least I can laugh about it now.

I am happy to report that my second attempt bundt cake not only turned out but looked amazing for my friends surprise 30th birthday brunch. She even stopped by with out knowing Tuesday and had a piece of the first mistake cake.

The moral of the story here is if you happen to ever have a difficult time baking know you are not alone. The best part of this bundt cake mistake was sharing it with her, with you and the wonderful memories it has now created. Both the new cake and the mistake cake tasted pretty good too. If you would like to give a try to Bundt Cake Making may I recommend this fun book called Bonkers For Bundt Cakes. I just love the title. You can view or order this book by clicking here
Thank you for joining me today on A Cup of Tea and A Cozy Mystery and a Tasty mistake too.
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  1. In baking, everyone has mistakes as nothing is foolproof. And it also gives us a few laughs, maybe not at the time, but later, as in your Dora cakes. The chubby one looks like me actually. haha. I love bundt cakes as I am not a frosting lover unless it is ganache so having a cake, either bundt, or chiffon or sponge cake type is fine with me as confectioners sugar and berries work best and are my favorite with them. I also loved whipped cream frosting, real heavy sweetened cream with sugar in it, and then fruit on top. Even mistakes are fine as you said when it comes to these kinds of cakes, and just make a trifle and it doesn't matter how it comes out of the pan.
    Love you photos of your mistakes. I will have to find a few of mine to share sometime.

    Have a great weekend.
    Cynthia B. in Massachusetts

  2. Yes, we all have mistakes, and most of them taster pretty good! One thing I do that helps is use Miracle are thinking...where do I find Miracle Grease?? I just see the question marks floating around your head!!! Here is the recipe for it (you make it yourself!!!). In a large mixing bowl, mix 1 cup Crisco shortening, 1 cup oil (very mild flavored oil preferred) and 1 cup plain flower with hand held mixer until smooth. Pour into a lidded container and keep in the refrigerator. When baking, use a pastry brush to coat Miracle Grease in your pan. Baked goods release beautifully after baking and cooling.