Monday, October 19, 2015

Decorating For Halloween Tea Time Craft Window!

This Saturday evening my friend Michelle came over and we made a bunch of fun Halloween jars for our homes, windows and offices. I had never done this before and Michelle had been collecting and Pinning crafts all summer, like me, she loves the holidays too!
I like the lighter side of Halloween, Witches, Cats and Candy so of all the jars we came up with I think this is one of my most favorites! I used a Large Mason Jar, two rubber eye balls and Red Heart Sashay Sparkle Black Yarn. Our Dollar Store Dollarama had these fun labels that I outlined in hot glue. I even glued the eyes to the yarn.
By far the "creepiest" one we did was a Dollar Store Mask, with Halloween Eyeballs we placed in the eye holes and then stuffed in a jar, we filled it with water and hydrogen peroxide and a drop of yellow food coloring! This turned out great!
 The happiest of accidents occurred when we used hand sanitizer and liquid soap to create our poison potions. We thought the soap would thin the hand sanitizer but it caused the coolest chemical reaction, it began to separate and solidify. So we added a bit of food coloring, used hot glue to seal the lids and then added the labels. I made a green one, a purple one and a blue one, really cool how it turned out.

The addition of the dollar store orange lights has helped highlight my window at night. Adding the jars has enhanced the effect as well! 

My theme of the window is the Witches Tea party and I will share my own Witches Tea party this week.  The above is a teaser from the professional photos we had done on the day of the party.
Thank you for joining me for A Cup of Tea and A Cozy Mystery this week I am reading Ghost of a Potion by Heather Blake and as usual I am loving it. 
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