Saturday, October 10, 2015

On My Table and In My Cup October 3rd-10th

It is already 10:20 am and I am just getting around to tea and scones this morning. I am sorry for the lateness of today's post! This week I have had some truly wonderful reads and overflowing cups of flavorful teas.

Looking for Mr. Good Witch Was A Book I was so excited to read and I still have my paper back on the way, I was lucky to receive an ARC of the book, and enjoyed every swipe of the digital copy and know you are going to love the second addition to The Retired Witches Series.
 I also read The White Magic Five And Dime, I was pleasantly surprised with the story and theme of the book. Purchasing it based on the cover only I think it really lived up to the cover art.
Murder by the Spoonful was a book I would not have read based on the cover but the book was a total surprise. It was very well written and I loved the story. I am looking forward to reading the next one and highly recommend this book.
Arrived in my mail box  from my friend Karen this week Julia Buckley's The Big Chili and then the next day
The Trouble With Magic arrived from my Friend Lisa K. I loved Madeyln Alt , paired with a homemade soup of my own making (recipe to follow tomorrow) this was a very busy and fun mail week!
I am right in the middle of Dead with The Wind by Miranda Jame and I am so loving a visit with the Southern Ladies!
Thank you for joining me for a week in review and I look forward to sharing the soup recipe with you tomorrow.
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