Monday, April 3, 2017

Mississippi In Me, A New Book of Poetry From Patricia Neely-Dorsey

April is poetry month did you know? Today's post is about a poet I hold dear. I love the works of Patricia Neely-Dorsey. She now has released her third book called Mississippi In Me.
The art, beauty and mystery of words is their ability to evoke feelings of longing for a place you have never been, feelings for things you never knew you had and to transport you to places you have only dreamed about. For me Patricia's words do just that.
Yesterday I arrived home after my weekend trip for a hockey tournament to find my own magnolia tree blooming!
In Patricia's new book my favorite section his her poems about Magnolia's. It is so hard to choose my favorite from the Magnolia section but Mud and Magnolias made me smile!
I loved her Steel Magnolia poem as well.

This book is a selection of some much loved favorite poems and wonderful new ones as well. You can find out more about this wonderful new book of poetry and more about Patricia Neely-Dorsey by clicking here. 

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  1. Yes! I have her first 2 books. I need to get this one as well.