Thursday, May 25, 2017

Asking for Truffle by Dorothy St. James

Asking for Truffle by Dorothy St. James was a delightful and surprising cozy that is coming out in September 2017. I feel really excited to share about this first in series put out by Crooked Lane Books. I kept waiting to for this book to have some truly "Magical" revelations but it didn't and it read so well I was never quite sure right up until the end. I was sure this would turn out to be a paranormal cozy but it did not! There was so much suspect activity in this book, suspense and amazing chocolate. Great back story for main character Penn, fun way for her to finally come into her own. I appreciated the complexity of the relationships in this book and while the author could have taken some really tidy and easy ways out, she didn't. I was guessing until the very end and I so enjoyed that! I think this could be a really great cozy series. Look for it now and put it on your list, you are going to enjoy this early fall read!
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