Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Deadly Reservation by CeeCee James

I finished Deadly Reservation by CeeCee James last night. This is the second in the Ocean Side Hotel Mystery Series and it is a steal at $1.00 right now! This is a series about a young lady who manages a hotel, lives at the hotel with her Southern, Soap Watching Mother and her basset hound named Bingo. This was a fun and very quick read for me. Main character Maisie stubbles on a sleeping beauty while out exploring the ruins of an old church. When she returns to the hotel she is alerted that a maid has found a client who is also in a similar state. With Sleeping Beauty already in the hospital and now a hotel guest Maisie can't help but look for a way to connect them. This story has fun twists, quirky town history and hierarchy and a whole lot more.

When Maisie Swenson stumbles onto the site of an ancient church steeped in pirate folklore, she's thrilled to explore it. She never expects to find a young woman lying in the churches yard clutching flowers like a real live Snow White. And just like the cartoon Snow White, this woman cannot be awakened.As Maisie tries to puzzle through that situation, one of her guests is found in a coma, too. Only this one is mysteriously clutching a necklace. Can she ever sort through all the crazy clues to find where the pirate and ghost stories end and a real life killer begins? Or are the folklore tales true after all?

This book is out now. You can find Deadly Reservation by CeeCee James on Amazon by clicking here.

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  1. Thanks for this great review. It sounds like a fresh spin on a cozy, so it just might have to be my next TBR.

    1. Wonderful to hear and have you here! Let me know what you think of it!