Sunday, July 9, 2017

Jayne Barnard's Maddie Hatter and the Gilded Gauge

As you may know I am very excited about Maddie Hatter and The Gilded Gauge,  this is for more reasons than the upcoming Facebook Event.  Forgive me a "Fan Girl Moment" here to tell you that this is not a book I was asked to review, this is a book I bought. I bought the first one in the series Maddie Hatter and the Deadly Diamond back in May and fell in love with this book. I also approached author Jayne Barnard to offer my services in hosting an online event to promote her second book that I just finished and the series as well. 
I have been inspired by this series which is toted as a book for readers 10+, so inspired in fact that I have spent the better part of this week putting my ideas to good use and creating fun craft tutorials and more for the up coming event.  You do not have to be a child to enjoy this series.  Maddie Hatter has become one of my most favorite characters and I would put this book up there with the Harry Potter series in terms of my enjoyment! 

In Maddie Hatter and the Gilded Gauge,  Maddie is  in New York, she stumbles upon some great stories to write about as her alter egos W.Y. Knott and for her fashion column she writes under the name Maddie Hatter! With the help of her trusty clockwork bird TD, her new found friends and employer Maddie helps to foil a plot to steal a closely guarded gauge! I loved learning about Steampunk culture through this book, about all the marvelous inventions and names for everyday items used in the book. This story is set in what I think is best described as  an alternative victorian area New York, but with a very modern day feel.  
This book had me dreaming of clockwork birds, international spies, parasol dueling (yes it is a real thing!) and Zeppelins. I did not want this book to end and I anxiously await the October arrival of book three!

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