Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Maddie Hatter Inspired Tea Holster Tutorial

In anticipation of tonight's Maddie Hatter  facebook party I have a special treat for you!  I am sharing my tutorial for a felt DIY Steampunk Tea Holster that I made while reading Maddie Hatter and the Gilded Gauge. I was so inspired by this wonderful main character and her story that I felt compelled to make a tea holster and tutorial that would be fun for fans of Maddie Hatter like me, and that would be an easy and a fun craft to make. This tutorial uses felt, if you wanted to experiment with fabric or leather you may need to tweak the pattern slightly but the bare bones of this pattern should serve you well.

To make your own Tea Holster you will need:
-Pattern pieces DOWNLOAD HERE
-sewing needle
-Sewing Machine
-A Teacup and Saucer
- A belt to wear it on once completed

Step 1- Download, print out and cut out the pattern pieces. Lay them out on your felt and cut out all the pieces you need.

Step 2-  Take the base pattern piece you cut out and two of the straps you cut out of the felt. On the flat side of the base place your straps, fold them over so that the bottom raw edges meet  and pin into place beside each other. Use your sewing machine to stitch them into place.

Step 3- Place the middle cup holder piece of felt over the base and pin it into place, top stitch along the outer edge to the bottom piece.

Step 4- Place the upper cup holder over top of the middle holder and pin into place, sewing along the outer edge and securing it to the middle and base.

Step 5- Add your button to the marked place and stitch it into place.

Step 6- Pin the teacup strap to the top left corner of your holder and slide in the plate and cup into place. Take the teacup strap and loop it through the teacup handle and bring it along to where you would like to secure it to the holster. Mark it with a pin or pen. You may need to trip the felt tea strap. Snip a small line that will become your button hole. Once you are happy with the placement of the strap, remove the cup and saucer and then top stitch it into place.

Step 7- Put the completed tea holster onto your belt and then  saucer and cup in their spots! You are now ready and prepared for tea dueling!
Find out more about Maddie Hatter from Author Jayne Barnard by visiting her website clicking here.
I hope you have fun making this Maddie Hatter Inspired Tea Holster! Please feel free to share this tutorial and the word about this amazing series!

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  1. One of the best and most creative tea hoster I've ever seen online. Neat and tidy way to hold away the extra cups which can't be carried around every time.