Monday, January 27, 2020

You have heard of Elf on a Shelf, but how about Wonder Woman in the Washroom

Above is my Monday morning tea, Believe, is the message and when I was about 3 Wonder Woman was who I believed in, I even remember cutting out from a coloring book her picture to put above my cubby hole for Preschool. Things in my life happened and I somehow stopped believing in Wonder Woman but over the last few years, she has made her way back into my life and she somehow evolved with me. I have dedicated my washroom as a bit of a shrine, bit of nostalgia and a bit of fun, to the idea of Wonder Woman and thought I might share some funny photos from my washroom...
I found and printed this amazing image of Wonder Woman from deviant art google images, it truly spoke to me, from her long flowing hair, to her powerful thighs and delicate teacup in one hand sword in the other, I fell in love with this image and I framed it and hung it above where I hang my necklaces in the washroom.
A cardboard cut out and small statue that when pressed gives out Wonder Woman affirmations and advice sit on my counter.
A powerful young Wonder Woman rides the bathroom ape, whom I decorate for each holiday, he is in his red bow tie for Valentines day, his New Years Glasses took a chunk out if his nose paint...

I do think that the funniest addition to our bathroom is this thrift store found Wonder Woman who stands about a foot and a half tall with her arms up. We all seem to take turns posing her in funny ways to shock the next person in the washroom, I found her hanging from the towel hooks yesterday and then I set her up in the shower to spook the next person in the shower/bath before I left this morning....
We have had her "perched on the potty,  under the sink, behind the door and holding the roll"
I think her true purpose in the washroom is the fun she adds.
I think though my favorite image of Wonder Woman in this Washroom, is this framed photo I ordered on Etsy of a full figured faceless Wonder Woman who reminds us that we are all Wonder Woman.

Google image I found show above may need to be the next addition to my Wonder Woman Washroom decor. 
Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a look at my Washroom. I hope you have a wonderful day. 
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