Monday, February 10, 2014

Beewitched By Hannah Reed, A Queen Bee Mystery

In July I found this wonderful series by Hannah Reed Referred to as the Queen Bee Mystery's and published by Berkley Prime Crime
I quickly fell in love with the Town of Moraine and it's cast of characters lead by Story Fischer, Store owner and bee keeper. Through Story you get to know the crazy occupants of Moraine and come to love and appreciate most of them. You also learn to dislike a few town members such as the local head of Police and the towns only realtor. One of my most favorite characters is Story's grandmother, she is a brilliant addition to this story line.
This installment of Story's adventures had me laughing out loud, wanting to scream and wanting to cry. The story was believable, the characters so endearing and the twist at the end not one I saw coming.
I had the good fortune of enjoying many cups of tea while I enjoyed Beewitched, okay I enjoyed many tasty treats as well. I recommend Beewitched to all of you who are looking for a great read. I recommend The Queen Bee Mystery Series to anyone who is looking for a new cozy series to fall in love with.
Learn more about Hannah Reed and The Queen Bee Mystery Series by clicking here.
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  1. Lovely review and your pictures are tempting me all over again. I have this series on my wishlist.

  2. Thank you Aurian, I love you profile photo! Sorry to tempt you I hope your wishlist becomes your read & loved list soon.