Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Silence of the Library Is A Fantastic Read!

I purposely read each word of this book very slowly. I fell in love with this series a few years back and when the long awaited The Silence of the Library by Miranda James (aka Dean James) arrived I was so very excited. I loved every chapter of this book. The characters are so relate-able, the story was fun and very easy to get into. The way that Miranda James writes from the point of view of Male Main Character Charlie grabs me every time, he reminds me of my own grandfather who had long since passed, his love of books he passed on to my mother who then all be it later in my life passed on the love of cozy mysteries to me.

 I love the way the family works together with Chief Deputy Kanesha in this latest installment of The Cat in the Stacks series.. I enjoyed many cups of tea and lovely treats while reading The Silence of the Library. I feel like I went on  vacation to visit a family friend with this adventure, swept up in the story and enjoyed it so very much.
This entire series had a profound effect in my family life, as I read through this series and fell in love with Diesel our own family adopted a rescue cat  last year....

I have read the entire Cat in the Stacks Mysteries and I loved each one, while on the second book Classified As Murder, that I began to realize our family life was suffering with out the love of a cat of our own and I really really wanted a Maine Coon Cat like Diesel, Main character Charlie Harris side kick. I mulled that idea over in my head as I read through File M for Murder....
Last year while reading Out of Circulation I shared my desire with my husband and he and one of my young sons visited our local shelters trying to find the perfect cat for our family, while not a Maine Coon she does remind me quite a bit of Diesel, she chirps and has the pointy ears I imagine that Diesel has . Honestly Squirrel adopted us. This cat had the most personality and quickly bonded with my son who has Autism, and home Squirrel came to live. Our 2 year old +  rescue cat came named and we did not have the heart to change it.

Squirrel like Diesel has become a constant companion since her rescue. I wonder though, who rescued whom?
If you are looking for a series to fall in love with as a Cat lover you can not go wrong with the Cat in the Stacks Mysteries.
To find out more about Miranda James aka Dean James please click here. 
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  1. Thank you Lisa! It is such a great book!

  2. Thank you for sharing this lovely story Karen.

  3. Great review, I adore your blog. I also love those quiet times when I can just read without interruptions.

  4. Lexie, I accidentally deleted your other comment, I am so sorry not sure what I did but when I clicked on it to read it it deleted it. Thank you for taking the time to write and comment!