Monday, February 17, 2014

What I Am Reading Now...Murder Sends A Post Card By Christy Fifield.

Last night I started Christy Fifield's  Murder Sends A Postcard. I pre ordered this third installment of the Haunted Souvenir Shop Mysteries  from The Book Depository and I was thrilled when it arrived.
I first discovered Christy Fifield's book on a trip to the library when I was particularly in need of a good read. I spun the racks like I always do when I am in need of something to present it's self and waited for the book to jump out at me, and it did. Yes if you are new to my blog I often choose books by their cover or by spining the rack and reading the first one that falls out. It is a system that has never failed me.

 I got half way through the first one and ran to my computer to pre order Murder Hooks a Mermaid which I really enjoyed last year, I kept my eyes out for the pre release of Murder sends a Postcard and well now I am almost half way through...

 I will leave you now for a few good hours I hope of reading. If you are looking for a great read to take you off to the warm Keyhole Bay Florida, pick up Murder Sends a Postcard and just like that its Florida in July...
Leaving you with warm summer thoughts,
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  1. New series to me, adding it to my wishlist. And I confess, I did start reading cozy mysteries because of the covers as well.

  2. Glad to know I am in such good company! Thank you Aurian! It is a system that really works for me! I hope you enjoy this series. Let me know!

  3. Very nice Karen. Covers play a big part in it for me as well.