Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fabulous Tea Shop and A Bag Of Mysteries in Southern California!

I apologize for the delay in publishing anything here for the last week but I have been here in California on vacation. Where today I found the most wonderful Tea Shop and Salon called Paris in a Cup. Paris in a Cup is located in Historic Orange, California and is one of the highlights of my week long trip. This very beautiful boutique and salon had some of the finest tea I have found on my trip along with the best customer service this tea lover has every had. I first read about Paris in a Cup in my tea time magazine subscriptions. When I found out our family would be traveling here I asked that this shop be placed on my itinerary! I am so thrilled I got to go and I can tell you that this shop is nestled into a picturesque area of Orange County surrounded by Antique shops and reminiscent of the cozy town atmosphere I love in my cozy mysteries! 
Had I not had my entire family with me, I would have booked in for afternoon tea and brought my cozy with me, then sat out front by the antique shop and read in the southern California sun. I did get to try the teas in store and left with a bag of my favorites! I have to tell you the Summer in Paris blend of black tea, Rhubarb, Strawberry, Blueberry and Hellanthus Flowers is heavenly.
These Macarons were delicious, exactly what you would expect from a shop that bares the Paris name!
If you are in Orange County Check the store out at 119 South Glassell Street, Historic Orange. Reservations are recommended 714 538 9411. You can also find them on Facebook by clicking here 
You can also find them on line by clicking here.
Earlier in the day we went to a book store in one of the local malls that was closing on Monday. I hate it when book shops close, especially used ones. They issued me a challenge, fill a bag for $5....with limited time I applied my every popular spin the rack method choosing by cover, but I also had to go through several racks. So I used my "Brand Loyalty" trick and grabbed all the Berkley mysteries I could find. As well as a few Obsidian which snuck in to my bag. I had so much fun filling the bag and knowing that I can pass these books on when I am done also made that $5 bag an even better value. I got 15 books and some are first in series, I can not wait to dive in on the two day drive back home I hope to read a few of these.
I look forward to sharing more reviews and photos with you again soon, I think I shall go make a cup of tea, and yes I brought my own tea kettle on the trip....
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  1. Wonderful post! Delicious sounding tea and amazing books for a bargain price. I hope you will love them all and I wish I could come to America to visit this tea shop.

  2. Aurian where are you from? It was worth the two day drive for me! Thank you both for commenting!

  3. Merci beaucoup Karen. We are so glad you visited us in "Paris" . What a pleasure to meet a new Tea-friend. Thank you so much for the glowing compliments. A bientot!

  4. Thank you Cheryl! So wonderful to meet you, I have drank an entire post of the Summer in Paris Tea, it is so wonderful, I can not wait to have it again tomorrow!