Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What Is Better To Get In The Mail Then A Pre-Ordered Book From Your Favorite Cozy Author? How about Once A Month Mystery Tea From Steeped Tea!

Last year I discovered a love of Steeped Tea, it is a home based business based in Canada and new to the USA. I started ordering the tea over the internet from a lady in Calgary named Erin Stabbler and then went to a home party of a friend of mine from the boys school.

My most recent Steeped tea party in January was a huge sucess! Favorite tea of the night was called After Eight, a black tea that tastes like the chocolate mint it is named after.
 There I met Jodie Mochinski who is now my Steeped Tea Consultant. I have had two parties at my home in the past year and one of the bonuses from having that party and having two other's book their own parties is I get Mystery Tea delivered monthly for 6 months to my home for free.
In April my free tea shipments will be up and I already know that I will be requesting and paying for this service, which is a great deal at $20 a month including shipping. I have fallen in love with some of the teas they have sent, flavors I would not normally have ordered or tried.
I can not think of a better way to experience the wonders of flavored tea with out leaving home! You can find me with a pot of Steeped tea and a cozy mystery at least once a day! Some of my most favorite flavors are
Earl Grey de la Creme and Fuzzy Peach Black Tea...I have also come to love Rooibos tea the Lemon Drop, and Razzel Dazzel Rasberry are to die for!

There are so many wonderful flavors you can choose from, I can not wait to try the new flavors the Spring and Summer Catalog has to offer! Click here to view the catalog for yourself!
I don't sell Steeped tea myself, nor to I write Mysteries but I do love to review them and how well they go together and I think you will find they do too! 
Going to put the kettle on now, I hope you will drop by again soon...
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  1. Sounds very good and delicious Karen. But postage from the States or Canada would make it much too costly for me. I rather spend it on books and drink the supermarkets variety of teas.

  2. I believe they ship with in the USA with distribution as well. Happy Reading and sipping! Though once I switched to loose leaf tea it is hard to switch back!