Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Goodbye Witch...Oh The Feels!

I have waited months for The Goodbye Witch by Heather Blake to come out and I just reluctantly finished it last night. Reluctantly because I was not ready to leave the Enchanted Village and all it's Residents.
Truth be told I only started this book Thursday and on Saturday night I closed the book, tears and tissues were required...
I put the kids to bed and tried to get a few quiet minutes of reading to myself on Thursday night and my cat Squirrel was snoring so loud I could barely concentrate, I should have video taped it instead of doing the selfie of us!
I have read all of four of the books in the Wishcraft Mystery series and this one had me crying, sobbing and laughing out loud. There is part of me that wants to travel to the Enchanted Village and open my own tea shop and serve Dacry, her family and friends daily just so I can keep up on the town gossip and news. I know that if you pick up this series many of you are going to want to join me and I will save you a table and put the kettle on. Thank you Heather Blake for this wonderful series and for making me fall in love with this magical little town.
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  1. As always, I love you reviews and the photos you post with them. I've heard a few people now say they were crying at the end. Is it the end of the series?

  2. I absolutely love this series, thanks for the review! I can't wait for my own copy to arrive so I can devour it.

  3. I love Heather Blakes series. I have not grabbed a copy of this yet. I will buy tissues at the same time, I guess.
    Please hug Squirrel for me.