Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tempest In A Teapot. A Truly Wonderful New Series!

I am so very thankful to Fred Yoder, who is a member of an online cozy group I belong to and he recommended I Pre Order Tempest in a Teapot to me in November 2013. 
Fred has great taste in authors and books and he pointed me in the right direction with this one. 

Amanda Cooper's new series is set in Gracious Grove, an idyllic small town where you will find two very different Tea Rooms and liquor is not served in town. Gracious Grove is a Dry town, in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York and a place I would very much like to move to!
 From the first chapter I was transported to life in "GiGi" (the town's nick name) and had a vested interest in the lives of each of the colorful characters.
I will admit I read this book much slower then most because I wanted to savor every drop!
Each morning I looked forward to continuing my visit in "GiGi" outside with my breakfast and tea and late into the night.  Main Character Sophie was so likeable and each of the characters introduced I enjoyed and came to care about!
I really feel like this is a book and series tailored just for me. I am so excited when I find a series that feels like an old friend from the first chapter. This book even made me consider joining or starting my own teapot collecting group, let me know if you want to join with me!  I can not wait to find out when the next book comes out.
You can find out more about Amanda Cooper ( And all the other wonderful  Victoria Hamilton Mysteries) by Clicking Here
As I live in Canada I order all my books through The Book Depository, that way I never pay shipping.
You can view a link to The Book Depository's listing of Amanda Coopers book Tempest in a Teapot by clicking here.
My cat Squirrel and I are anxiously awaiting the second book in this Teapot Collector Mystery series which I hope will be out very soon!
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  1. Great interview, Karen. And as always, beauitful photos! Tempest in a Teapot is next in line for me!

  2. Thanks Lisa! Lovely to hear from you! Thank you for the comments on the photos!

  3. Thanks so much, Karen! I really appreciate the kind words and lovely photos!!