Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Toast and Jam by Sarah Owens

Today I am reviewing a book I am most excited to have been selected to review. Toast and Jam. If ever there was a cookbook I wish I could write it would be this one. This is a very cool book. So many amazing rustic inspired breads that should be apart of our daily lives and not unattainable. The directions in this book for a bread starter is exactly what I was looking for. The demystification of how the process works and the names of some of the breads in this book will make you want to give this a try as well. Even if you prefer to buy your breads it is hard to ignore the pull of the need to make and taste Moon bread, Chocolate and Orange Sourdough and the allure of Black Bread. Moving on the cracker , cakes and scone section of the book and the need to make dipping chips, pistachio Cardamom crumb muffins along with baked pain perdu....
When I finally got to the jam section I had to do something I do not often do which is I put my ipad down went to the computer and PRE ORDERED A COPY OF THIS BOOK. I knew then and there this was a book I had to hold in my hands and have on my shelf, coffee table and kitchen. 
I can not wait to make Strawberry and Meyer Lemon Preserves, Peach and Tea Preserves and Spiced Plum Preseves....Vanilla Marmalade, yes that is a thing I need too!
but wait still 4 more sections of this book to go...page after page of mouth watering and easily assembled joy! 
Sweet spreads, nut butters, savory spreads and condiments, pickles and more. I have pre ordered my own book from The Book Depository with free shipping world wide (as I live in Canada this is my prefered method of ordering books) and now I anxiously await it's arrival.  You can find yours by clicking here from The Book Depository.

I can not wait to try these recipes and I hope you will join me in ordering and experimenting with these lovely recipes.
You can find this book on The Book Depository by clicking here
On Amazon by clicking here.
Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a cozy cookbook review. I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at karenmowen@gmail.com

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